Each year, Providence St. Luke’s helps thousands of people progress and thrive on their road to recovery. In nearly all cases, we require a physician referral for admission into our therapy and rehabilitation programs. Our team works closely with physicians throughout the admissions process to ensure that patients in need have access to Providence St. Luke’s excellent care.


Call 509-473-6000.

When you choose St. Luke’s, you can rest assured that your patient or loved one is in capable, compassionate hands. To refer a patient to our programs, please read our inpatient, outpatient and physiatry submission guidelines. Then, submit the required forms.

Inpatient referrals

Phone: 509-473-6058
Fax: 509-392-5684

Outpatient referrals (for all locations)

Phone: 509-473-6869
Fax: 509-392-5685

St. Luke's Physiatry Practice

Phone: 509-473-6706
Fax: 509-473-6704

See our inpatient and outpatient referral process flyer to learn more.

St. Luke's is committed to serving all patients and does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability or age in admission, treatment or participation in its programs, services and activities or in employment. For more on this policy, contact Human Resources: 509-473-6052.

Our inpatient care team is committed to providing hope, quality of care and recovery for patients needing medical rehabilitation. Together, we work to ensure the best quality outcomes for our patients. We have developed a contact sheet and list of documents to assist in a smooth, efficient transfer to St. Luke’s.

To initiate the admission process for your patients, please contact the case management office seven days a week; call 1-833-FOR-SLR-1 or 509-473-6058.

Case managers

St. Luke’s case managers are a resource you can depend on to help facilitate an efficient and seamless transition for our patients, including:

  • Collaborative information sharing with attending physician
  • Complete pre-admission assessments
  • Obtaining insurance authorization
  • Coordinating transfers to St. Luke’s
St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice

St. Luke’s Physiatry Practice has one overarching goal: to help patients overcome pain and return to their active lifestyle.

Transfer documents

Thank you for providing St. Luke’s with detailed patient information during the transfer process. Your timeliness and accuracy in providing complete patient information is key to maintaining quality patient care.

Please provide the following documents in your transfer packet:

  • Copy of Advanced Directives
  • Demographic face sheet
  • Discharge orders/instructions, completed thoroughly and signed by nurse or physician with phone number. Included in these orders:
    • Respiratory treatments
    • Tube feedings: date of tube placement with formula and rate
    • Precautions: Orthopedic-weight bearing status, Sternal, Isolation
    • Dressing change instructions
    • Medication parameters
    • Follow up appointments and treatment schedule
  • Current medication list/home medication list
  • Physician orders/progress notes over last five days
  • Recent H&P
  • Lab results and pathology reports
  • Radiology/imaging /EKG reports
  • Operative and physician consultation reports

Thank you for choosing to receive outpatient therapy at Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center; we look forward to working with you. Please choose the form(s) that correspond to the program you will be participating in to complete prior to your first visit and sign and date accordingly. By filling these forms out ahead of time, you will decrease the amount of time you would normally spend in the waiting room.

If you have any questions or need help with forms, please contact our admitting department: 509-473-6869.

All patients
Pulmonary rehabilitation patients
Cardiac rehabilitation patients
Additional forms

Some patients may also be asked to complete: