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Occupational Rehabilitation

2068.2 miles away
2068.2 miles away

St. Luke’s is devoted to helping employers orient their work environments toward health and safety. We specialize in delivering customized services that help people get back to work sooner and thrive in their employment environment.

Our team focuses on ergonomic and adaptive consultations. We utilize therapies such as work conditioning, physical capacity evaluations, job safety and job site evaluations. We help patients regain their physical, emotional and mental well-being in preparation for resuming life as normal.

This program can help patients:

  • Decrease pain
  • Improve muscle function
  • Recover daily living skills
  • Improve independence
  • Return to work

Occupational therapy sessions benefit patients with:

  • Work-related discomfort or injuries
  • Impaired motor, sensory, cognitive or physical skills