Our Mission to provide care to the poor and vulnerable continues today. Living in today’s world, it might be difficult to imagine the challenges that greeted four women who arrived in the remote outpost of Nome, Alaska, in 1902. But these were no ordinary women. They were Sisters of Providence, on a mission to ensure the people in this gold-rush town had access to care. That mission of compassion continues 118 years later with the caregivers of today ensuring everyone in the communities we serve have access to care, especially the poor and vulnerable.

Community partnerships are a critical part of fulfilling our commitment to those in need. Together organizations throughout Alaska work with us to find solutions to ending homelessness, food insecurity, and other needs. This support comes in different forms, including generous gifts from donors, thousands of volunteer hours, and the selfless work of our caregivers who all have the same thing in common: improving the lives of their fellow Alaskans. In 2019, we invested $65 million in community health improvement across Alaska.

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    Health care continues to change, and new ideas and technologies are playing an increasing role in identifying ways to improve access to care. Exploring innovative ways to bring care to people when and where they need it has been a growing focus area for our ministry. Within the last year, Providence Alaska has been able to introduce Express Care and Express Care Virtual, two care models designed to improve convenience and affordability in our market. Alaskans can expect to see more of this going forward as pursue our vision of health for a better world.

    The stories and photos included in the 2019 Annual Report to our Communities help us share some of the successes of the previous year. All of these stories highlight our collaboration with other organizations, addressing community needs in a variety of ways. Stories such as meals for people in shelters; job and housing assistance for people in need; medical equipment for Alaskans with disabilities; and safe shelter for victims of abuse. None of this is possible without partnership.

    We are eternally grateful to all those who support the Providence Mission. You share our dedication to helping those in need and ensure we’re on the right path to addressing some of our biggest challenges. Just as the Sisters did in 1902, we sometimes travel a difficult path, but it’s the right path to making a difference for Alaskans, both today and tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do.

    - Preston Simmons, DSc. FACHE, chief executive of Providence Health & Services, Alaska



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