A century ago, the influenza pandemic caused worldwide panic and took the lives of millions of people in every corner of the globe. Alaska was not spared from the impact of the virus, which devastated many communities. Sisters of Providence, serving in Fairbanks at the time, provided care to everyone in need until many of the Sisters also became ill with the flu. Community volunteers rose to the occasion, volunteering to cook, nurse and clean at the hospital.

The collaboration and commitment was critically important then and — as this past year demonstrated — critically important today. Few alive today experienced the pandemic that took place 100 years ago. Thankfully, we have had many breakthroughs in the way we provide care since 1918-1920. We also have the legacy of the Providence Mission, to provide care to all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Our caregivers and community partners continued that legacy in 2020, providing care to the communities we serve as COVID-19 infected thousands of Alaskans. Alaska overall can be very proud of its collective efforts and response through this incredibly difficult time.

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    Many organizations stepped up during the past year to ensure those in need received the food, shelter and support they needed. For example, Providence is honored to be part of our communities’ commitment to end homelessness. Care delivery shifted from in-person visits to more telehealth appointments. Our caregivers donated thousands of dollars to local food banks. People throughout the state volunteered to do what was needed, when it was needed, to get through the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic. All of us did something to help.

    The articles that are part of the 2020 Community Benefit Report highlight just a few of our success stories from this past year. The partnership to end homelessness resulted in collaboration to provide shelter, means and care to people in Anchorage. Funding of the Children’s Lunchbox Program ensure children — who spent almost all of the year learning from home — continued to receive the food they needed. Addressing food insecurity in Kodiak and Seward are also highlighted, along with support of a children’s learning center in Valdez. 

    All of this would not be possible without our community partners. We are honored to work alongside you and to be trusted in providing care to our fellow Alaskans, and grateful for all those who shared our dedication to health for a better world. Thank you for everything you do to take care of those in need.

    - Preston Simmons, DSc. FACHE, chief executive of Providence Health & Services, Alaska


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