Over the past year, our communities have faced extraordinary challenges. But even during the most difficult public health crisis of our time, communities have also shown remarkable strength and resolve. There is so much good that can be accomplished at the community level, especially when like-minded organizations work together. In service to our Mission, Providence partners with community-based organizations to identify urgent health needs and environmental factors that are impacting the well-being of our communities. We act to provide short-term solutions and envision long-term results by wisely investing in our communities to help build a more equitable and sustainable future.

In 2020, we invested $1.7 billion in community benefit across seven regions, to support organizations, programs and initiatives that create lasting change at the community level. These efforts seek to mitigate immediate challenges while finding solutions to deep-rooted problems, improve access to health care, and advance innovative care models to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

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    This annual report aims to capture the magnitude of the year’s events by highlighting specific examples of our community benefit priorities under four areas of focus:

    • Foundations of health: Ensuring our communities' most basic needs such as food, shelter, and education are met, while investing in long-term solutions. Providence recognizes that to attain health, we need a healthy planet. We also recognize that systemic injustices contribute to health disparities. Each of these pillars contribute to the foundations needed for a healthy life.
    • Reducing barriers to care: Providing equitable access to compassionate care, helping people and communities overcome challenges and reducing stigma regardless of circumstances. In 2020 Providence invested $276 million in uncompensated care.
    • Community resilience: Building capacity at the local level to keep our communities strong and providing stability in unpredictable times. We are committed to improving community health through targeted investments and partnerships across all seven states we serve. At home and beyond our borders, we work closely with social services, charitable foundations, community and faith-based organizations, universities, and other partners to identify and respond to the greatest needs.
    • Innovating for the future: Pursuing innovation to help people live their healthiest lives. In an increasingly uncertain world, we are responding to the signs of the times by pursuing new opportunities to better serve our patients and make our services more convenient, accessible, and affordable.

    The work done in our communities is fundamental to our organization’s Mission and a demonstration of our values of compassion, integrity, and justice in practice. We also know that to be effective, this work must be done in collaboration and solidarity with communities themselves.

    Providence continues to take bold steps to reinforce the power of partnerships and collaboration, and I invite you to read more about the caregivers and community partners working diligently to build a stronger future for everyone. As we continue to serve under-resourced populations and advance health equity and social justice in our communities, Providence remains steadfast in our pursuit of health for a better world.

    - Rod Hochman, M.D., president and CEO of Providence


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