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Covenant Rehab Centers - Owens-White

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Covenant Rehab Centers - Owens-White

Most outpatient rehabilitation programs for Covenant Rehab Centers take place at Owens-White.

This full-service facility offers a variety of fully accredited programs, including:

  • Occupational medicine
  • Ortho rehabilitation
  • Sports rehabilitation

Underwater Treadmills and Gym

Many rehab centers use water-based exercise to help patients recover from injury. But Covenant Rehab Centers-Owens-White has a pool designed for patients requiring therapy in the water. Complete with four underwater treadmills, underwater stationary bike, underwater elliptical, parallel bars and a patient lift, our patients experience the many benefits of aquatic therapy.

How does it work?

Patients utilize the underwater treadmill located in our on-site pool. Patients have the opportunity to either utilize the equipment, ambulate within the pool or perform exercises as directed by our therapists.

What are the benefits?

The benefits are threefold. First, patients can work out harder, longer and sooner than they would be able to with land-based exercise because the stress on their joints and the amount of weight they have to bear is dramatically decreased. Second, because of the extra resistance provided by the water, muscles get stronger, faster. Thirdly, patients benefit from hydrostatic forces that give better feedback during exercise.

Who can benefit?

The underwater treadmill can help patients recovering from injuries that compromise their ability to participate in weight-bearing activities.