Health for Life Centers

Health for Life Centers at Intel (RA3 and JF5) provide convenient on-site services for Intel employees and enrolled family members (age five and older) regardless of health plan selection. Health for Life Centers at Intel are staffed with medical professionals who provide high quality care. It’s easily accessible, affordable and wait times are minimal. Visit a Health for Life Center when you need: 

  • Vaccines and immunizations
  • Strains and sprains diagnosis and treatment, including physical therapy
  • Massage and physical therapy
  • Travel medication 
  • Rashes and insect bite assessment 
  • Allergy shots 
  • Blood draw and lab services 
  • Primary care services
  • Preventive exams and physicals
How do the Health for Life Centers work with Connected Care with Providence? 

If you are a Connected Care plan member with Providence, we want your Health for Life Center visit to be seamless with your medical home. The Health for Life Centers will coordinate with Providence to avoid duplication of services and help close any gaps in care. They will also refer you to a Providence medical home or medical neighborhood provider when needed to address more complex or specialized health needs. Additionally, your dedicated Connected Care team is alerted after your Health for Life Center visits through your electronic medical record and can help to coordinate any additional care, when needed. And, the cost of your visit applies to your Connected Care deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. 

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