Clinical Pastoral Education Certified Educator Residency

The CPE Certified Educator Residency Program at Providence Portland Medical Center is designed for the spiritual care provider who has demonstrated excellence in practice and is motivated to develop advanced skills as a CPE Certified Educator. Upon successful completion of each unit and on the recommendation of the CPE Certified Educator, participation in the program will be registered with the national office of ACPE. Our program is designed to assist the student to move to certification within two to three years. Though the contract is negotiated annually, it is expected that the student making appropriate progress will remain with the center for a second and if needed, a third year. For a detailed description of this program, the applicant is invited to contact the CPE Certified Educator.

Admission Requirements


  • Education: A Master’s Degree (M.Div. or M.A. in Theology; or an equivalent degree in other related disciplines) from an accredited college, university or theological seminary or institute.
  • Licensure/Certification: Ordination and/or endorsement by an established denominational or church authority/or religious superior is preferred as evidence of good standing within a faith group.
  • Other Qualifications:
    • Completed an ACPE application submitted with a fee of $50 payable to Providence Portland Medical Center CPE Program.
    • Membership in ACPE.
    • Completion of at least four units of CPE (Level I/Level II) and demonstration of having met the outcomes of Level I and Level II CPE.
    • Familiarity with the Spiritual Care Collaborative Common Standards for Professional Chaplaincy.
    • Pastoral experience.
    • Personal integrity and pastoral identity.
    • Capacity to consistently establish and maintain professional relationships at significant levels and to be open to learning, change, and growth.
    • Capacity to endure at least moderate amounts of organizational stress, which is a normal part of institutional culture.
    • Consultation for the student and primary CPE supervisor with a professional committee chosen by the CPE supervisor as specified in the ACPE Certification Manual. This manual is available online at
    • International applicants are expected to have a U. S. Visa in place prior to applying to the program.

Program Expectations

The CPE Certified Education Resident will:

  • Actively participate in all aspects of the clinical pastoral education program.
  • Share clinical rotations with peers, other students, permanent staff, providing spiritual care to patients on assigned units.
  • Participate in the on call rotation, including weekends and holidays.
  • Complete written assignments such as process notes, student summaries, case studies, theory papers, certification materials, evaluations of each CPE unit and other assignments as required.


  • Residents receive an annual stipend of $47,000 subject to federal and/or other taxes. The resident is considered a temporary employee of Providence Portland Medical Center.
  • Providence Caregiver Wellness Benefits including the ability to enroll in the Providence Health Insurance Plan at the same rate as other employees, Paid Time Off, and earned Extended Illness Benefit.
  • Meal allowance while serving call duty.


  • Application fee: $50.
  • Non-refundable down payment fee at acceptance: $100.
  • Tuition: $500 per unit of CPE residency (less down payment) is due the first day of the unit.