Nurse bedside with patient

What to Expect During Hyperbaric Therapy

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy, pressurized chambers with a 100-percent oxygen environment counter the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning, smoke inhalation, and decompression illness in scuba divers, as well as promote tissue healing in patients with impaired circulation due to diabetes, trauma and radiation therapy.

Hyperbaric therapy usually involves a series of sessions in one of our three chambers. Before a patient is placed in the chamber, the staff will discuss a variety of topics to assure a safe and comfortable treatment. After the chamber’s door is closed, our specially-trained technician talks to you through an intercom system. As the pressure increases, your ears may “pop” as they would when driving up a hill or changing altitude in a plane.

Depending on your condition, a therapy session may last from two to two and a half hours. During the session, you may watch TV or select a movie from our vast collection. For safety considerations, books and magazines are not permitted in the chamber.