If you have prediabetes or other risk factors for type 2 diabetes, it’s time to take charge of your health. Participating in the Choose2Change lifestyle change program can help you make lasting changes to prevent type 2 diabetes.  Remember, lifestyle is everything – healthy attitude, healthy life!

With the Choose2Change program you get:

  • A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) approved curriculum
  • The skills you need to lose weight, be more physically active, and manage stress
  • A trained lifestyle coach to guide and encourage you
  • Support from other participants with the same goals as you
  • A year-long program with weekly meetings for the first 6 months, then once or twice a month for the second 6 months

The lifestyle changes you make in the Choose2Change program will help you prevent or delay type 2 diabetes.  You may have prediabetes and be at risk for type 2 diabetes if you:

  • Are 45 years of age or older
  • Are overweight
  • Have a family history of type 2 diabetes
  • Are physically active fewer than 3 times per week
  • Ever had diabetes while pregnant (gestational diabetes) or gave birth to a baby that weighed more than nine pounds.

Make a change – START TODAY!

If you think you may be at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes:

  • Click on the brochure below and take it to a health care provider
  • Ask to be tested for prediabetes. The health care provider may do a simple blood test.
  • Ask the health care provider to fill out the Recommendation Form on the brochure.
  • Take the completed form to:
    Providence Little Company of Mary Wellness and Activity Center
    470 N. Hawaiian Ave.
    Wilmington, CA 90744

If you don’t have a health care provider, for more information or to sign up for a course (available in-person and via Zoom), please call us at 310-514-5483 or Click here to learn more about our other free, health education programs.