Community Health Insurance Program

Getting yourself enrolled into health insurance can be a daunting task—a confusing world filled with income calculations, insurance premiums, HMO networks, and piles of paperwork.  It’s even more difficult if English is not your first language. Our Community Health Insurance Program (CHIP) provides a team of bilingual (English/Spanish) Community Health Workers who advise consumers on public programs they are eligible for and help them enroll into a suitable health plan.

CHIP partners with local schools, churches, health clinics and other community organizations to provide assistance at convenient sites all throughout the South Bay and San Fernando Valley, while focusing attention on our most vulnerable neighborhoods.  Our Community Health Workers meet with clients in person to provide individualized assessments of a client’s eligibility, guide them in navigating the complex application process, and follow-up to assist in troubleshooting or advocating for clients who are improperly denied coverage.  The Community Health Workers come from within the local community and have similar life experiences which enable them to provide compassionate care for the clients they serve.  The time that each one spends with her clients helps consumers understand how to use their new health plans, many of whom have never had health insurance ever before in their lives.

Launched initially in 2009 to serve only children, CHIP’s impact on the community has steadily grown year after year. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, CHIP expanded its service to both children and adults. In 2016, CHIP staff were certified to also enroll eligible clients into CalFresh, providing a one-stop shop for clients that needed assistance with both health insurance and supplemental nutrition assistance.  

Please contact us at or 1-877-567-7463 to schedule an appointment.