Food Education Access Support Together (FEAST)

Food, Education, Access, Support, Together (FEAST) is an evidence-based, 16-week nutrition education curriculum that promotes the power of healthy foods and human connection.
Food Education focuses on education, nutrition, and how participants can use fresh produce and whole grains to cook healthy, satisfying meals.

Access provides families with a food scholarship prior to each class so they can overcome barriers to purchasing healthy foods.

Support, Together includes weekly check-ins and sharing circles to forge strong social connections while addressing underlying elements of eating.

Our Community Health Workers and Health Education Specialists have been trained by FEAST as program leaders and teach this program for free in community settings.

FEAST participants are screened for food insecurity at the time of enrollment, and positive screenings are referred to our Community Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for CalFresh eligibility and free enrollment assistance.

For more information or to sign up for a course (available in-person and via Zoom) please call 310-514-5483.  Learn more about our other free health education programs.

Eating is Enjoyable: Enriqueta’s Story

Enriqueta Campos began taking our classes in 2021. Since then, she has participated in GOAL (diabetes self-management), CHAT (mental health), and FEAST. She has implemented a variety of strategies and coping skills that have helped her eat healthier, manage her stress levels, and prioritize her positive emotions.

Enriqueta shares: "I have learned so much about what to eat and how much to eat, so eating has become enjoyable. I can’t wait to reenroll in the upcoming classes.”