Our History

In 1919, Mount Carmel Hospital opened in a converted Masonic Lodge in Colville, Washington. Established by a doctor and two women who responded to a need in their community, Mount Carmel was named after a hospital in New York.

The hospital was purchased and renovated by the Dominican Sisters in 1940, but it was soon filled to capacity. In 1944, the Sisters purchased the Dr. Harvey Building on the north side hill. After both buildings proved to be inadequate, plans were made in 1947 to build a new facility.

The Sisters purchased property and began construction in 1951 on a 50-bed structure, including a chapel and convent on the third floor. In 1968, a new convent was constructed adjacent to the building, and the vacated third floor housed a new pediatric unit and additional room for patient care. Bed capacity increased to 55 beds.

From 1971-1989, Mount Carmel continued to grow and expand services, including:

  • 1971 — Adding X-ray department; expanded Laboratory.
  • 1979 — Emergency Room added; Laboratory expanded again.
  • 1980 — Birthing room, which allowed patients to chose between it, or a conventional delivery setting.
  • 1981 — Expanded the Critical Care Unit from 2 to 4 beds; total capacity downsized to 31 beds.
  • 1989 — Construction begins on a two-year expansion and remodeling project to upgrade existing facilities, provide a better arrangement for outpatient services, and improve capabilities for high acuity inpatients. Major components of the project include:
    • new surgical and central supply area
    • new 8-bed intensive care unit and pharmacy
    • expansion of the Laboratory
    • new CT scan and ultrasound rooms
    • remodeling of diagnostic cardiovascular services and medical records

Sponsorship was turned over to the Sisters of Providence in August of 1993.

Growth continued, and in 1998, Mount Carmel completed a remodeling project that expanded the Emergency Department modernized patient rooms for increased comfort.

And in 2009, construction was completed on a new 70,000-square foot addition, extending Mount Carmel's legacy into the future, bringing advanced technology and expanded services to town while focusing on patient comfort and privacy.