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Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center

2068.9 miles away
Fax: 509-392-5685

Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center

Fax: 509-392-5685
2068.9 miles away

At Providence St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Medical Center, medical rehabilitation excellence and compassion are at our core. Our fully accredited rehabilitation center is home to an expert team that integrates treatments, technology and care to help patients of all ages achieve their goals following stroke, spinal cord injuries, orthopedic issues and brain injuries.

We’re proud to be one of the most technologically advanced rehab centers in the United States, and we leverage our innovation every day to help our patients thrive. After all, it’s perseverance, energy and inner spark – not injuries – that define each of us. 

Support a brighter tomorrow, today

At St. Luke’s, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation and care for individuals from all walks of life. When you support St. Luke’s, you join us in supporting this powerful legacy.

Thank you for considering joining us to advance hope and a future for those suffering from spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Our donors are the lifeblood of St. Luke’s. Support from our donors ensures we are able to continue providing award-winning services and programs, which to date have helped thousands of patients reach their goals. Whether you are an individual, family, church group, corporation or foundation, there are many ways to get involved.

Improving our region’s health requires a strong partnership between caring community members and health care providers. We can’t do it alone. Thank you.

Volunteer with us

For a few hours a week, you can be part of a world-class team. Providence is a place where healing occurs, not only by medical intervention, but by the touch of a hand, a shared smile, a listening ear or a knowing wink. It's place where you can make a difference in the lives of others.

To learn more about St. Luke’s and our treatment programs, or to simply share your thoughts with us, please contact us by phone, mail or the web form below.

St. Luke's Main Campus (mailing address)

Providence St. Luke's Rehabilitation Medical Center
711 S Cowley St
Spokane, WA 99202-1330

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St. Luke’s inpatient and outpatient programs are fully accredited by the Joint Commission and CARF International, beacons in the medical community that hold health care facilities to the highest level of consistency and compliance.

The Joint Commission seal CARF Accredited: ASPIRE to Excellence

Comprehensive, People-Centric Care

Comprehensive care is about more than just treating an injury. It's about healing the whole person – mind, body and spirit – and helping them live their fullest, most energetic life yet. Award-winning treatments and innovative technology are just one piece of the puzzle. Whether you are visiting our inpatient hospital or outpatient locations, our integrative approach connects extraordinary patients and their families with rehabilitation experts, holistic treatments and an energetic, supportive community that rallies behind their every success.

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St. Luke's Community

A 2,200 square foot therapy area within the main campus, St. Luke’s Community is an interactive hub where patients practice daily activities under the supervision of highly trained therapists.

In this hands-on facility, patients master proper techniques for tasks such as getting in a car and putting on their seatbelt, loading a grocery cart, using a computer, crossing streets and navigating curbs, withdrawing funds from a bank and even boarding a plane or bus.