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Here you will find all the information you need to meet our hospital and medical group onboarding requirements. Each request for placement is unique along with our current capacities to accept a placement. To request approval for a placement please have your school contact the Southwest Washington Education Department via email. Requests take a minimum of six weeks to process a decision. All approvals or denials are issued only through the Southwest Washington Education Department.

 Please state in your email the following to facilitate your request:

  • Number of students and student email contact with full student names if known
  • School and email contact responsible for student placement
  • Desired Providence facility and type of placement (i.e. Providence St. Peter Hospital Respiratory Therapy)
  • Total number of hours for experience
  • Desired start and end date of experience

If your clinical experience has been approved, students and faculty are required to complete the items listed below. Each institution is responsible for ensuring the completion of the tasks prior to the experience. All of the documents below are required and must be maintained by the school and kept on file for seven years and available if requested by Providence.

Student Responsibilities

Complete and return documentation to the school by the deadline set by school.

Step 1) Complete onboarding requirements on the following website: www.CPNW.org
Note: you will need to set up an account prior to accessing the website, you will need to obtain the "school code" from your school.

  1. Complete Clinical Passport
  2. Complete all Learning Modules
  3. Select your healthcare partner – this link will bring you back here to complete the remainder of the steps listed below.

Step 2) Confidentiality and Nondisclosure Statement

Step 3) On-line Epic training completed prior to experience (Nursing Students only once you have claimed your Epic/Network account).

Step 4) Secure a parking pass from Security on the first day of your experience if at Providence St. Peter campus.

Step 5) A school issued picture ID badge is required for all students while on campus (if your school is unable to provide this, please let Providence know ahead of time).  

School Responsibilities

Step 1) Background checks: National including OIG, GSA and Washington State Patrol (WATCH). You must notify Providence if a “hit” is discovered prior to clinical experience clearance.

Step 2) Upload the following completed and verified student documents: Clinical Passport, Leaning module report, Confidentiality and Nondisclosure statement to www.CPNW.org

Step 3) Return completed Access Request Form at least six weeks prior to experience. (Only complete this form once all items in the Clinical Placements Northwest Collaborative Student/Faculty Clinical Passport Requirements have been completed and reviewed for accuracy).

Step 4) Please email your initial request to be a SailPoint User LifeCycle Manager (ULCM) for student Epic and Network access requests. As a ULCM you will be able to directly request Epic and Network access for your students.

Step 5)  If you are already a ULCM, you will need to request Epic and Network student access via SailPoint (login required; select SailPoint icon) 15 business days prior to the start of your students clinical experience. Once the students Epic and Network account has been set up they will be able to "claim" their account, an email notification will be sent to them directly. 

If you are a undergraduate Nursing Educational Partner please complete the following steps as applicable:

Step 6) Glucometer training is completed one time per year for every undergraduate nursing student and faculty member (if the faculty member will be participating in the glucometer testing process) prior to starting a clinical experience at a Providence facility. Glucometer training is arranged by the school faculty through the Clinical Simulation Lab Coordinator by e-mailing us or calling 360-486-6157 (e-mail is preferred). Glucometer training can occur during the hospital site tour, hospital orientation, or can be arranged live at the school campus during students’ clinical orientation. For large groups of students or precepting students on varied schedules, training at the school campus is preferred. Please note that glucometer training takes between 1-2 hours to complete.

Step 7)  Request Pyxis access by submitting an Instructor Pyxis Access Request and/or the Preceptor Student Pyxis Access Request.

Contact Us

Students please work through your school/instructor as your main point of contact regarding your educational experience at Providence St. Peter Hospital.