Entrance Exam

The entrance exams for Covenant School of Nursing includes the HESI Nursing Fundamentals for the LVN to RN Program.

Exams are only offered during each application period at our location. Each tester will be allowed to take the HESI Nursing Fundamental twice each application period. The HESI exam can only be taken at our location at the times that are on the registration page.

LVN-RN Applicants must take the Entrance (HESI Fundamental) exam during each application cycle. The passing score for the exam is 850. Applicants have the opportunity to take the exam twice within a single open enrollment period. Please note that we do not accept previous scores, so each applicant must achieve a minimum score of 850 in one of their two attempts during the current open enrollment period.

If you are ready to register for your exam, please click the link below and good luck.


Who takes this exam?

This exam is for the LVN testers who are applying for the LVN to RN Fast Track program at CSON. This exam is given during the LVN to RN Fast Track application cycle.

What is on the exam?

The HESI Fundamentals exam will test you over nursing basics. THIS EXAM IS NOT THE SAME AS THE TRADITIONAL RN HESI EXAM.

What exam do I need to register for?

All LVN's that are testing will need to select the Advanced Placement LVN-RN exam.

The minimum score that CSON will accept for our program is HESI scores of 850 or higher.

For the HESI Fundamentals Exam, we recommend the following helpful resources:

  • Book 1: "HESI Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination" with the ISBN 9780323582452.
  • Book 2: "Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN® Examination" with the ISBN 9780323358415.

Additionally, you can find helpful online videos for the HESI Fundamentals Exam at the following links:

  1. Nursing Fundamentals Hesi Review Practice Questions Nursing School NCLEX (9:43)
  2. HESI Fundamentals Review Jan 2020 Video (10:31)
  3. HESI Fundamentals Review 2 Jan 2020 Vid (30:15)
  4. HESI Fundamentals Review April 2020 Term Student Recorded (31:18)

These resources will provide valuable assistance in preparing for the HESI Fundamentals Exam. 

After you have completed your HESI Admissions Assessment, you will need to print out your scores and place them in the application packet before turning the application packet into the admissions committee. The scores will be added to your HESI account as soon as you have completed you assessment. You will need to go to your scores and print off your results to turn in.

If a tester is needing to reschedule an exam, the tester will have to email trent.mcguire@stjoe.org or call 806-725-8949 no later than twenty-four hours before your scheduled exam time. There will be a $25 fee to reschedule an exam. If the tester does not contact Mr. McGuire in the time frame or does not show for their scheduled exam, the tester will have to register for a future exam and pay the exam fee again.

Please contact the Recruiter Trent McGuire at trent.mcguire@stjoe.org or call 806-725-8949 if you have any questions about either of these exams.