Our Magnet Journey

SJMC Magnet Banner

2016 marked the first full year to appreciate our Magnet designation and was celebrated with great pride across the ministry. Many were present on Dec. 21, 2015 and recall receiving the much anticipated phone call with official news of our first designation from ANCC’s Magnet Board and helped celebrate by toasting apple cider and popping confetti. A few months later on May 3, 2016, we officially celebrated the historical achievement by unveiling the coveted ‘Magnet Designated’Hospital plaque and clear obilesque with our Chief of Staff, Panagiotis Bougas, MD, along with several city officials, staff, and physicians in attendance. Most across the ministry concur that our Magnet designation served as the validation that together we are achieving excellence in health care delivery—and in some areas leading the way.

Sustaining our Magnet designation is everyone’s responsibility as each role impacts the quality of our patient care and each interaction affects our patient satisfaction scores—both are empirical (measurable) evidence of how well we’re doing in achieving these goals. Ensuring our mission, vision, values, and data remain key competencies and drivers of our decisions, initiatives, and innovations across the ministry will ensure our Magnet designation in 2019 and beyond.