Sports Medicine

All athletes, whether high school student, weekend warrior or professional, share the same goal: to return to full-function as soon as possible. We help our patients do exactly that.

Here you will find nationally respected experts in sports medicine, arthroscopic repair, minimally-invasive joint replacement, cartilage transplantation, and sport-specific rehabilitation.  From new joint and cartilage preservation techniques to innovative non-surgical approaches, our fellowship-trained orthopedic and sports medicine physicians offer a level of care found at very few medical centers in the state.

We not only create some of the state’s top outcomes but are leaders in making treatment less invasive—allowing you to get back into the game sooner.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • ACL and PCL tears, including all-inside ACL reconstruction and all-inside meniscus repair
  • Cartilage restoration and transplantation, including OATS procedures and meniscus transplantation
  • Shoulder injuries, including arthroscopic repair of massive rotator cuff tears, shoulder separation (AC separation), labral tears and shoulder instability
  • Minimally-invasivejoint replacement, including biologic knee replacement , partial knee replacement, and outpatient total knee and hip replacement
  • Achilles tendon repair, including “mini open” repair
  • Ankle instability repair and treatment of chronic ankle sprains
  • Hip arthroscopy, including minimally-invasive repair of hip impingement and labral tears
  • Tendon repair and ligament reconstruction
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation to accelerate recovery and improve performance

Specialized Services

When the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is torn surgery is often required to replace or “reconstruct” the damaged ligament. At St. Jude, we are at the forefront of making this surgery more successful with less scarring and pain.

All-inside ACL reconstruction surgery replaces the longer incisions used in traditional ACL surgery with a few puncture-sized holes, earning it the nickname “no scar ACL”. This arthroscopic procedure is performed by attaching an ACL graft to small sockets in the femur and tibia. Unlike traditional ACL surgery where a “tunnel” is drilled in the tibia to secure the tendon, all-inside ACL surgery requires only a small socket to be created and avoids violating the hard outer shell of the femur and tibia, which is rich in nerve endings. Another difference is traditional ACL surgery involves harvesting two of the patient’s three hamstring tendons, the all-inside technique typically requires just one.

Advantages of all-inside ACL reconstruction:

  • Performed through 3 or 4 puncture-sized holes instead of longer incisions, dramatically improving the cosmetic outcome
  • Better anatomical placement of the new ligament allows improved function
  • Less post-operative pain allows accelerated rehabilitation and quicker return to everyday activities 
  • Same or better long-term outcomes as traditional ACL surgery

Sport-specific conditioning (often called “prehabilitation”) can reduce your risk of injury while also improving performance.

Every sport has common injuries, from knee injuries in soccer to shoulder injuries in baseball.  Our prehabilitation program uses sport-specific exercises and drills especially designed to prevent those injuries and improve your game.

Whether you are a junior high student playing club sports or a professional athlete, our sports-conditioning program can help:

  • Increase sport-relevant strength
  • Maintain proper posture and position for joint motion
  • Improve muscle stabilization
  • Avoid at-risk positions
  • Use muscle groups in sports-specific sequence
  • Boost the efficiency of movement patterns essential to your sport
  • Train high-velocity movements (plyometrics)

To learn more about the competitive advantage prehabilitation can offer, please call us 714-578-5720.