"This is my third surgery at St. Jude Hospital in the last 6 months and I need to say that the staff is the absolute best there is anywhere. The surgeons are more than excellent. Dr. Bradley Noblett, Neurological Surgery, Dr. Michael Gazzaniga, Urologist, Dr. Stewart Shanfield, Orthopedics and Dr. Mark Gigilo, Family Practitioner, are the best of the best. I just had a hip replacement two days ago and never had any pain or needed pain medicine beyond what was given for surgery. Never had any swelling or any discomfort. Thank you Jesus and also Dr. Shanfield! I starting walking the first day and now walk as much as they will let me. I wouldn't even use the walker if they allowed it. Coming back to do the other hip in a few months. Dr. Shanfield came by to see me at 6 a.m. and I accused him of just putting a bandage on my hip and did not do the hip replacement. I know he did because this is what the Dr. Shanfield told my son after surgery, "the hip replacement went well. His hip was in really bad shape, poor guy." Now everything is wonderful and I am so grateful beyond words to the entire St. Jude Medical Center and all those who helped me through the last 6 months.

- Craig F

"I had a fall at my job on December 22, 2016. I slipped on a wet floor and fractured my hip. I was rushed by ambulance to St. Jude Medical Hospital, X-rays were performed again, and I was admitted. That evening they performed surgery for my fractured femur bone. I remained in the acute floor for several days then sent down to rehabilitation floor for therapy. Today I am writing from my hospital bed, and it Is Jan. 6, 2017. The staff, service and the food Is wonderful. I have not one thing negative to say about the staff on both floors. Honestly, I will miss so many of the nurses, case manager, therapists and doctors. This hospital is operated very well and I highly recommend this place if you are in need for hospitalization."

- Denise T. A. 

"After a very athletic lifestyle, at age 39 (2009) I broke my strong body jumping horses. Went to a Neurosurgeon, working at a well known Spine Center. This neurosurgeon had a dissolvable plate introduced into my c-spine fusion. And no bone support, no cadaver, no hip piece. A Lego size of my thumb injected with my scrapings of bone. Sent home with no collar after horrific morning to wake to too much action from assigned after surgery p.t. worker.

All took much time, 18 mos. through my own pushing for regaining my function as I was told. Worked my very best. In shape and mother of 2 elementary school at that time. I kept up best I could on pain medication and eastern medicine, you name it. Machine Pilates training prior to my horse accident saved my life, not the lame surgeon!!! My core, physical endurance and type A push kept me seeking wellness. I prayed for an answer and a round table of excellence in areas I needed to have help.

My prayers came true St. Jude Heritage Dr. Arthur Zepeda, and support from the amazing programs St, Jude Heritage, St. Joseph provide. I had the gift of attending the 8-week occupational therapy 4 days week 3-4 hrs. each day. The training of the Drs. and methods, teaching me how to function and with mach/mock kitchen, washer/dryer, shower, car sitting position, hobby choices, and pharmaceutical Dr. took over for 8 wks., swim therapy, p.t., pacing documentation at home as my homework hourly, a visual and Neuro electrode meditation Dr. got to see what my body was doing during rest, unrest. And a wonderful psychologist Dr. Gary. I got my round table a had prayed for because I had a vision, and some leaders of excellence... St. Jude had thought of the trauma we go through in every aspect. I have had many nerve ablation procedures to help since 2012-2016.

Now at 48, 2018 I am going to look for a chronic pain support group as I watch the fast paced world go by and I face depression, especially summertime. Waterskiing, river, horses etc. Until I can possibly get a new innovation implant to support my head, cage, cement injections...haha. I will stop isolating and living through my children (as they are in high school and I bug them by mothering too much) but still not living and have accepted being disabled. Always remember each day is New and there is a great staff of leaders at St Jude Heritage St Joseph. I have great faith this will be a great year of renewal and restoration. Looking forward to meeting a successful neurosurgeon specializing in spinal area Dr. Brad Norblett, Neurosurgeon at St. Jude Heritage. My 14 yr olds classmates Nana referred me as well, to Norblett had excellent outcome. I refer you to Dr. Zepeda, he has excellent surgical hands and comforting, and amazing Dr. for pain control.

I am praying for you all, always 1step, at a time, in hope, in faith. Never give up. Dr Zepeda, M.D. and staff, all professional and do what they can. Yet there's a blessing over St. Joseph's staff, St. Jude Heritage and all involved and training. You're in charge of your body have to reach out to never give up. Support groups available.

I just want to thank my sweet saving grace surgeon Dr. Zepeda and his staff. So many years of supporting me after coming from failing Spine surgical procedure. 2009-2011 I came to St. Jude as an answer to prayer! I have had such support and a second chance at quality of life because of Dr. Zepeda and his knowledge and experience. Thank you St. Jude Heritage, Fullerton, as well as the Wellness and Recovery Center, Brea program. Everyone so very well educated, warm and professional!

The best of the best."

Ms. Erin C. & Family