Magnet® is a recognition of nursing excellence and commitment to quality care. The Magnet Recognition Program advances three goals within health care organizations:

  1. Promote quality in a setting that supports professional practice
  2. Identify excellence in the delivery of nursing services to patients
  3. Disseminate best practices in nursing services

The Magnet Recognition Program® is for health care organizations who truly value nursing talent. Magnet Recognition is not merely an award, a badge of honor or a feather in one’s hat. It is committed proof of a hard-earned promise to excellence in health care, with satisfied nurses at its heart. The American Nurse Credentialing Center is the accrediting agency of this prestigious recognition. Nursing excellence is at the heart of what Magnet represents as nurses are invaluable in leading health care change.

  • Advanced Care Unit: Jessica Ziegler, BSN, RN, PCCN
  • Surgical Acute Unit: Julie Yackel, BSN, RN
  • Medical Oncology Unit: Molly Toner, BSN, RN
  • Family Maternity Center: Kristen Kingsford, BSN, RNC-OB
  • Intensive Care Unit/IV Therapy: Enid Daugherty, BSN, RN
  • PACU/SMAU: Alisha King, RN
  • Endoscopy: Torie Nee, BSN, RN
  • Perioperative: Lynn Greenamyer, BSN, RN
  • Emergency Department: Samantha Bopp, BSN, RN

Holy Family Nursing professional practice model

  • Clinical Academy
  • Residency classes that include new-graduate courses and specialty area classes
  • Tuition reimbursement for advanced education
  • University of Providence
  • Professional certification assistance to include reimbursement for certification review courses and examination fees

  • Clinical Innovation and Research Council meets monthly and guides nursing staff with research and projects along with assistance on how to submit projects to the IRB for approval


  • Providence RNs Inclusively Determining Excellence (PRIDE) meets monthly and is a joint Sacred Heart Medical Center and Holy Family Hospital venture to work together on joint issues and policies
  • Unit-Based Council, which are councils at the unit level that meets regularly to discuss issues and policies that affect caregivers directly at the bedside