COVID-19 Updates

The Mount remains closed to visitors and we continue to screen everyone who enters the building.

Our highest priority is the safety and well-being of our residents, patients, caregivers, volunteers as well as the children in the Intergenerational Learning Center.  In keeping with this goal, we have implemented universal masking for all caregivers (with the exception of the childcare teachers who mask only when outside of the ILC).  Additionally, we are practicing "Neighborhood Stay at Home", encouraging residents to remain in their neighborhoods and to leave the building only for necessary medical appointments or for fresh air walks outside. Caregivers are working in their primary neighborhood to limit movement throughout the building.  All meals are being delivered directly to resident rooms.  All caregivers are practicing social distancing and good hand washing and respiratory etiquette for coughs and sneezes and they are working with all residents and patients to do the same. 

A dedicated phone line for family members is staffed Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., at 206-798-4728.  Please feel free to contact your care team as well. If assistance is needed outside of business hours, please call the front desk and ask for the on call supervisor.  There is also a hotline families may call with a daily recorded update at 206-937-3701 ext. 28652. Our caregivers in activities, social work and spiritual care are also happy to assist with setting up video chats for you and your loved one.

The CDC website is an excellent resource to find reliable answers to your questions. If you have additional Mount specific questions, you may also contact:

Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.