Food and Dining Options

Residents and patients are served three delicious and nutritious meals a day, seven days a week.  Family, friends and the general public are welcome to eat in the café or join you for a meal in the dining room. Meals for guests will be charged to the resident’s account or may be paid with cash.

Please note that advance reservations for the dining room may be required for holidays and special events.

Where Meals are Served

  • The café on the second floor
  • The dining room on the second floor
  • Their Skilled Nursing Neighborhood
  • Their assisted living apartment
  • TCU patients may eat in their rooms

Snacks for residents and patients only are always available free of charge in the café, Skilled Nursing Neighborhood kitchens, in the Assisted Living pantries and the Nakama Kitchen on the second floor. In addition, light meals and snacks are available for purchase in The Jumpin’ Java Espresso & Gift Shop on the first floor (open limited hours). 

Food and nutrition play a vital role

Food plays a major role in the quality of life of older adults and each individual has their own special relationship with food, including social, cultural, and psychological preferences. Aging, as well as chronic disease, changes nutritional needs and can impact enjoyment of food. Food and nutrition play a vital part in maintaining health and treating disease. Balancing nutritional needs with enjoyment is always our goal.

At PMSV we believe in “real food,” minimally processed, as a tool to improve health and quality of life. The dietitians at The Mount are here to assist residents and patients with choosing food that will heal, improve strength and provide enjoyment.