Herring House

Located across the street from the Providence St. Mary Medical Center campus, The Herring Guest House offers home-like accommodations for Walla Walla Cancer Center guests and their family members. Herring House


The home includes five bedrooms and two-plus bathrooms, as well as cooking and laundry facilities. Guests of the Herring House can prepare their own meals in the home’s fully equipped kitchen, eat in the Providence St. Mary cafeteria or take advantage of local restaurants just minutes away by car or by foot. Housekeeping services are provided once a week, including clean linens and towels.


A $10-a-night lodging fee is charged to those guests who can afford it.


A local bus service from the Herring House to the Cancer Center is available for those patients who might find the brief walk too taxing.

What our guests say

“Not only did it offer a comfortable, affordable and safe refuge for me, its proximity to the hospital provided an incalculable sense of security for my husband. Being so close to the hospital allowed me to rest well through the short nights so I could be with my husband through his interminably long days of illness.”

“When his condition, medications or fear compelled him to call for me in the night, I was able to be by his side in, literally, moments -- without starting a car, calling for a taxi or having to contend with traffic or distance. Though my husband never saw the inside of the Herring House, just knowing I was across the street was enough to help settle him so he could rest for the coming day. Additionally, knowing that the staff would call me if needed allowed us both to stay better rested.

The Robin House

If the Herring House is full, the Robin House in College Place also offers accommodations for cancer patients and their families. It is operated by College Place Presbyterian Church. Learn more about Robin House.