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Kathryn Severyns Dement Sleep Disorders Center

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Mon - Thu: 7:30 a.m - 4 p.m / Fri: 7:30 a.m - 12 p.m

Kathryn Severyns Dement Sleep Disorders Center

Mon - Thu: 7:30 a.m - 4 p.m / Fri: 7:30 a.m - 12 p.m

At the Kathryn Severyns Dement Sleep Disorder Center, we understand how stressful it is when you’re not sleeping well and how sleep disorders affect every part of your life.

Our team will fully evaluate your sleep patterns and whatever is causing you to lose sleep. We offer the latest medical technologies, testing and resources to accurately diagnose, treat and manage your condition so you can get the sleep you deserve every night. We accept most insurance.

The father of Sleep Medicine, Dr. Dement grew up in Walla Walla, was one of the first physicians who recognized REM sleep. St. Mary’ Kathryns Severyns Dement Sleep Center is named after the Dr. Dement’s mother, Kathryn Severyns Dement.

Our specialty-trained doctors will evaluate your symptoms and overall health, including medications, lifestyle habits and conditions such as asthma or pain that can play a role in sleep problems.

We’ll develop a personalized treatment plan to help you sleep better, including medications as well as these and other services and therapies:

Sleep study

The first step in diagnosing a sleep disorder is usually a sleep study. Once we have a diagnosis, we can work with you and your doctor to create a personalized care plan using lifestyle improvements and the latest innovations, including breathing devices, diet and exercise, medication and surgery.

We offer both at home and in facility sleep tests:

  • In home – This test is taken at your home in your own bed. It is convenient and used for basic screening.
  • In center diagnostic – For more complicated cases we perform the sleep study in our facility. This involves spending a night at our center in a private, comfortable room so we can evaluate your sleeping patterns. The study measures your brain waves, eye and leg movements, heart rate and breathing patterns and the oxygen levels in your blood.
CPAP therapy

The CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) device delivers air pressure to keep airways open during sleep for people who have sleep apnea.

BiPAP therapy

The BiPAP (bilevel positive airway pressure) device uses two levels of air pressure for people who have sleep apnea as well as lung problems or who don’t respond to CPAP therapy.

Lifestyle and behavioral therapies

We can guide you through individualized lifestyle changes such as learning and practicing good sleep habits, nutrition, exercise, stress management and pre-sleep routines and relaxation techniques.

Bright light therapy

We offer strategically timed exposure to sun or specially designed lights that can reset your circadian rhythm – a natural process in your body that affects daily sleep-wake cycles.

At the Kathryn Severyns Dement Sleep Disorder Center, we diagnose and treat these and other sleep disorders:

  • Circadian rhythm disorders
  • Hypersomnia
  • Insomnia
  • Narcolepsy
  • Parasomnia
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Sleep apnea

Our doctors work as a team to diagnose and treat your sleeping disorder and any underlying conditions you might have.

Your team may include these and other specialists:
  • Behavioral therapists
  • CPAP/BiPAP specialists
  • Ear, nose and throat specialists
  • Neurologists
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Pediatric sleep medicine specialists
  • Physician assistants
  • Pulmonologists
  • Registered nurses
  • Respiratory therapists
  • Sleep medicine specialists

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