A wound care patient visits with health care providers.

Outpatient Wound Center & Ostomy Services

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As the busiest and largest wound center in the state, our goal to be a center of excellence for wound care. Through transformation and ongoing innovation, we aim to serve all members of our community, including the poor and vulnerable. We work closely with our colleague health care health care providers and their teams to support healing across all care environments – from the inpatient to outpatient setting.

Conditions we treat

We care for all types of problems healing wounds, including:

  • Foot and leg ulcerations
  • Diabetic ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Venous stasis ulcers
  • Non-healing surgical wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Some burns

We also work with your primary care provider and their teams to care for pressure injuries.

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We provide comprehensive, patient-focused advanced wound care; specialized care including, but not limited to:

  • Bioengineered tissue
  • Multi-layered compression dressing
  • Total contact cast
  • Ostomy education

We have a focus on limb salvage and a goal of decreasing amputation rates in our community.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of wound care experts, including wound specialist-certified physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses, as well as a wound specialist and lymphedema-certified physical therapist.

Preparing for your visit

Please bring all medications you are currently taking to your visit with us.