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At Providence Alaska Medical Center, we aim to be Alaska’s leader in surgical services. We work every day to achieve this by retaining top surgeons and investing in the latest proven technologies. When you choose us for your surgery or other clinical procedure, you’re choosing a team of knowledgeable specialists who dedicate their lives to giving you the best result possible.

From the moment your procedure is scheduled through recovery, we want every interaction with us to be easy and leave you feeling confident in our care. Our comprehensive approach, which focuses on treating the whole person, helps us accomplish this.

Our surgeons perform a range of traditional and minimally invasive procedures to diagnose and treat a wide variety of conditions, including:

  • Cancer
  • Cardiovascular conditions
  • Congenital heart disease
  • Gastroenterology disorders
  • Kidney conditions
  • Lung conditions
  • Neurological disorders
  • Orthopedic conditions and injuries
  • Traumatic injuries

Our surgery services include:

  • General surgery, including pediatric, trauma and critical care surgeries
  • Cardiovascular surgery
  • Neurosurgery
  • Orthopedic surgery
  • Pediatric neurosurgery
Advanced Surgery Services

Our surgeons are skilled in innovative procedures that result in faster recoveries and less pain. Learn more about some of our advanced surgery services:

Preoperative Clinic

Our Preoperative Clinic helps you get ready for your upcoming procedure at Providence Alaska Medical Center. Through this service, you’ll complete any necessary preoperative tests and paperwork. You’ll also learn more about the procedure you’re undergoing and be given the opportunity to ask any questions or voice concerns.

Your Preoperative Clinic appointment should be completed in person or over the phone a few days before your procedure. The appointment should be scheduled at the same time your procedure is scheduled.

To contact the Preoperative Clinic, call 907-212-6013. We are located behind the main admitting desk at Entrance 3.

We also offer preregistration services for your convenience. Preregistering expedites the admission process on the day of your procedure. To preregister, please call the hospital’s Admitting Department at 907-212-3149 with your insurance information ready.

Follow these tips for a smoother experience on the day of your surgery at Providence Alaska Medical Center:

  • Arrange for help. If possible, ask a friend or family member to help you before and after your surgery. You’ll need a caregiver for 24 hours after your procedure if you received anesthesia or six hours after if you received conscious sedation. Be sure you’re comfortable with this person speaking on your behalf in case of an emergency. For your safety, we cannot allow you to take a taxi home unless a friend or family member is with you. You may also want to arrange for child or pet care in case you need to stay longer than expected. Please tell your doctor in advance if you will not have help on the day of your procedure.
  • Shower and dress comfortably. On the morning of your surgery, please shower (using the special soap if you were asked to use it), and dress in loose clothing. Choose an outfit that will be comfortable to wear home.
  • Remove adornments. Remove all jewelry, piercings, makeup, lotions, perfumes and nail polish before arriving for your surgery. Rings that can’t be removed may be cut off for your safety.
  • Take medications as instructed. Before your procedure, you may take any medications your doctor has told you to take with a small amount of water.
  • Leave valuables at home. Though we can help you put items in the hospital safe, we recommend leaving all valuables such as jewelry and money at home.
  • Arrive early. Arrive two hours early if your procedure requires general anesthesia or 1 1/2 hours early if you’re undergoing conscious sedation or a procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia. This extra time will be used to prep you for surgery and complete any additional tests.
  • Park in the area reserved for Emergency/Day Surgery. Park and look for the Day Surgery entrance marked in blue to the left of the Emergency Department doors. If no space is available, you may park in the garage or the large, uncovered parking area in front of the medical center. Free valet parking is also available at the hospital’s main entrance.

We also suggest reading the following information before your surgery:

Surgery Forms

Please read or fill out the forms below before your Preoperative Clinic appointment.

For additional information or assistance, talk to your doctor or call:


  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Back Surgery
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Heart Attack
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Heart Failure
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Hip Fracture
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Stroke

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