Arrival & Check-In

At Covenant Children’s, we prioritize the safety of all our patients and families. As a children's hospital, this necessitates that we take special measures to protect the children in our care.

Contacting Admitting: 806-725-6171.

Hospital Entry

  • Upon arrival, all visitors will be asked to present a valid form of identification, such as a drivers license or passport, to check in at our security desk. No visitors will be able to enter the facility without a valid form of identification.
  • Visitors will be presented a wristband or a visitor’s badge, which should be displayed at all times. Upon leaving, please return your wristband or visitor’s badge to the security desk.
  • All visitors should enter through the main hospital entrance. All other entrances are controlled access entrances. Please do not attempt to enter a staff-only entrance when staff members are entering or exiting, even if you have already been through the check-in process. Staff will either ask you to exit and return through the main entrance or they will escort you to the check-in desk, to ensure you are a registered visitor. This is for the safety and security of all our patients and families.
  • Additionally, units may have additional security measures, sure as controlled access doors, where you must intercom in to the unit and then be greeted by a unit secretary or other staff member, to ensure you should be on a given unit. We also have additional security measures in place for all newborns, via attachment of radio frequency ID tags that alert staff if a baby is inappropriately removed from a unit.

Patient Confidentiality

Unless otherwise instructed by you, we will list your name in our Directory of Patients during your stay. This will allow you to receive visitors, telephone calls, mail, and flowers.

In accordance with Texas law and in keeping with our long-standing recognition of and respect for patients’ rights, any patient may request that no information be released during your hospital stay.

If you make the choice to have no information released about your hospital stay we will not give out any information about your family to visitors, florists, or the media. Additionally, you will not receive mail or have phone calls forwarded to you from the operator. If you have questions about becoming a no information patient please speak with any member of our staff.

Help us Keep Your Child Safe

We rely on everyone to keep our hospital community safe. If you notice anything out of the ordinary or witness a visitor or staff threatening or abusing anyone, please tell your nurse or call Security at Ext. 50707 or 806-725-0707.