Medical Staff Services

Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital 
170 Sotoyome St. Suite 3 
Santa Rosa, CA 95405 
Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Medical Staff Services coordinates and provides credentialing, privileging and other services in support of the organized Medical Staff. Our Medical Staff includes physicians (MD, DO), podiatrists, dentists, oral surgeons and clinical psychologists approved by the Board for medical staff membership. Other Medical Staff members include Allied Health Professionals who provide services to patients in Sonoma. 

About Our Physicians

We have over 500 physician partners contributing to the care of patients at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. As leaders in the medical field, our physicians utilize the very latest advances in treatment and technology to move each patient to the next stage of recovery swiftly.

  • Physician Leaders act on behalf of the Board to uphold the By-laws and Rules & Regulations of the Medical Staff.     
  • SRMH Physician ED Call Schedules are available through Amion. For technical assistance, visit their website. Contact Tracey Lopez, CPCS, CPMSM in Medical Staff Services, 707-387-1504, for additional information on access.

Contact us

  • Questions about Credentialing, Privileging, Initial and Reappointments, or Allied Health Professionals, call 707-324-1967.
  • Questions about Medical Staff activities related to quality and patient care improvement, call 707-522-4339.


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