Mighty Mouth Dental Health Education

Mighty Mouth is a school-based prevention and education dental program that targets children in pre-school through sixth grade throughout Sonoma County.

The goal of Mighty Mouth is to improve the oral health status of Sonoma County school children. Mighty Mouth increases the students’ knowledge of oral health, encourages responsibility for their oral health, teaches and reinforces good oral hygiene habits, and identifies and refers children in need of dental treatment. If there is a high number of treatment needs at a school site, St. Joseph Mobile Dental Clinic will provide dental treatment at that school site.

Mighty Mouth provides:

  • dental screenings
  • fluoride treatments
  • sealants
  • tooth brushing and flossing instructions
  • classroom oral health and nutrition education
  • dental sealants

One of our most popular presentations, Rethink your Drink, brings awareness of the staggering amount of sugar present in many popular sodas and sports drinks. The children are surprised to see that drinks they thought were “healthy” (many ice tea brands or juices, for example) actually have an unhealthy and cavity-producing amount of sugar.

Mighty Mouth has brought their program of dental care and education to 19 schools throughout Sonoma County serving more than 6,500 school-age children.

For more information please call 707-547-4615.