When you need to be in the hospital, we ensure you get the treatment and care you need. Our hospitalists provide care in general internal medicine and many specialties. We work closely with your primary care doctor or other referring doctors and coordinate any services you need once you return home.

The hospitalists at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital manage every aspect of your care. Your hospitalist: 

  • Coordinates consultations, tests and treatments 
  • Consults with your primary care doctor 
  • Is available to see you and talk with you 24/7 
  • Plans your care and treatment  
  • Prescribes medicines 
  • Supervises your care 
  • Communicates with you and your family about your condition

Your hospitalist and primary care doctor decide when you are ready to go home. Before you leave the hospital, your hospitalist:

  • Arranges follow-up care appointments 
  • Discusses further treatment needs with your primary care doctor
  • Sends your hospital records to your primary care doctor 
Contact your hospitalist

If you need to talk to your hospitalist about your care, tell your nurse. Your nurse sends a message to your hospitalist. If you have questions about our hospitalist services, please call our nurse coordinator at 707-547-5437.

You get many benefits when a hospitalist manages your care. Our team of hospitalists:

  • Adjust your treatment as needed throughout the day
  • Are always close by because they work in the hospital 
  • Are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week  
  • Can see you more than once a day if needed 
  • Know every specialist and department in the hospital 
  • Provide quick follow-up on tests
  • Spend time talking with you and your family about your care

When you are admitted to the hospital, we assign a hospitalist to manage your care. If you have a primary care doctor, they will call the hospital to let our hospitalists know about your condition. Your doctor sends us your medical records. Your hospitalist provides regular updates about your condition to your primary care doctor. Your doctor may visit you while you are in the hospital. You see your doctor for follow-up care in their office after you leave the hospital.

If you do not have a primary care doctor, we pair a hospitalist with you when you arrive. We refer you to a primary care doctor or community clinic for follow-up care when you leave from the hospital.