Patient & Family Advisory Council

What is a PFAC?

A Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) partners patients and families with members of the healthcare team to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience.

Through their unique perspectives, they give input on issues that impact care, ensuring that the next patient or family member’s journey is easier.

~Meghan West and Laurie Brown, BJC Healthcare

What is the Purpose of Providence Regional Medical Center Everett’s PFAC?
  • To support the mission of Providence by working to enhance the patient care experience and promote patient–family centered care.
  • Allow patients and families an opportunity to provide their unique perspective with a goal of enhancing the overall patient experience at Providence.
  • Ensure patient and family perspective is represented in all areas of clinic and hospital based operations.
Ideal candidates for our Patient Family Advisors possess five key attributes:
  • The ability to work and communicate in the spirit of partnership and in an environment of mutual respect
  • An outlook that is solution-focused without having a specific “agenda”
  • The ability to serve as a representative voice
  • An aptitude for constructive collaboration
  • A teachable spirit 
Patient Family Advisor (PFA) vs. Patient Advocate

A PFA volunteer works with hospital and clinic staff to represent the patient and family perspective in order to achieve the best possible patient experience.

A Patient Advocate is a trained professional who serves as a go-between for patients and their family members and representatives of the healthcare industry. This is not a current volunteer role offered in the Northwest Region at Providence.

Patient Family Advisor (PFA) roles vs. Volunteer roles
  • All PFA’s are volunteers and are invited to participate in both roles
  • Not all volunteers are PFA’s
  • Volunteers have more direct patient interaction
  • PFA’s participate on committees and projects in order to provide the patient and family perspective

All Providence Northwest Region volunteers are required to complete the onboarding process prior to beginning their role as a Patient and Family Advisor.

Onboarding Requirements:

Complete the PFAC application

  • Interview with the PFAC Selection Committee
  • Once accepted into the PFAC, you will need to complete the Volunteer Services application during their open recruitment dates.
  • Attend a group interview with Volunteer services
  • Background check and Health requirements
  • Volunteer Orientation
  • Meet with PFAC Program supervisor to complete the PFAC onboarding process
Volunteer Interest Form

Please complete the following requirements prior to submitting an interest form:

  • Read the position description
  • Watch the Patient and Family Partnership Councils in action video
  • Review the definition of a Patient Family Advisor (PFA) vs. Patient Advocate
  • Review the role of a PFA volunteer vs. the role of the volunteers for the hospital and clinics
  • Review onboarding process and requirements
  • Answer the following questions:

Submit Online