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High Reliability Behaviors and Tools Modules

The High Reliability Behaviors and Tools Class is delivered via an online program consisting of 6 modules and one knowledge check. Employed Providers will complete this training by accessing HealthStream. For Providers without HealthStream access, please follow the steps outline below.

  1. To access the educational modules plus the knowledge check, please click the following link and use your Providence network account information for access:
  2. Once you have completed the modules, you will be able to select Step 3: Next Steps at the end of program evaluation and knowledge check.
  3. In Step 3, when you pass the knowledge check, select “View your results” to save or print a copy of your results to confirm your course completion.
  4. Please send the completed results via email to or your Medical Staff Coordinator for documentation in the medical staff office
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Opioid resources and recommendations
Cumulative sensitive reports available
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Medical Staff Contacts

Medical Staff President

Brandon Liu, MD

Direct Admit Line


Medical Staff Services

Phone: 425-261-3090
Fax: 425-261-3095
Email Medical Staff Services


Phone: 509-474-3095
Fax: 509-474-4475
Email library staff

Medical Staff Education

Phone: 425-261-3690
Fax: 425-261-3695

Credentialing & Privileging

Phone: 425-261-3090
Fax: 425-261-3095

Paula Wood, Manager
Phone: 425-261-3090

Glenn Budlow, Women & Children's Division
Phone: 425-261-3084

Lauri Burke, Medicine Division
Phone: 425-261-3092

Paula Wood, Surgical Division
Phone: 425-261-3086

Carol Rochon, Outpatient & Community Medicine Division
Phone: 425-261-3096

Dir. Medical Staff Services

Lisa George
Phone: 425-261-3929

Physician Outreach and Practice Development

Carol Foss, RN
Phone: 425-261-3833
Fax: 425-261-3901

Providence Health International

Providence Health International is making a world of difference for people in economically developing countries by deploying skilled volunteers and medical supplies to respond to their health needs. 

Our main focus includes:

  • Collecting and shipping medical supply donations internationally
  • Supporting Providence employees on medical service trips with needed medical supplies and equipment
  • Working to create sustainable change for those who are poor and vulnerable in Guatemala
  • Coordinating response in times of natural disasters
  • About service trips, volunteering and more - Call 425-525-3070 or send an email.

Volunteer Interest Form

Pre-registration online
Physician UOR reporting
  • Non-urgent patient safety issue - Call 425-261-3927 (Clearly identify patient name, MR# and description of event.)
  • Urgent patient safety issue - Notify the Administrative Supervisor
Resource for your patients
Providence Community Technologies

Providence Community Technologies supports independent hospitals and provider clinics looking for affordable, comprehensive, proven and supported healthcare technology products and services.