Direct Admission

Coordinating routine details to admit or transfer stable patients to the hospital is not the best use of a physician's time. That's why Providence Regional Medical Center Everett offers a dedicated phone service for local medical staff routine admissions as well as transfers when patients need care outside of their community.

And with access to the region's most comprehensive set of specialists, hospital direct admits are quicker and easier than ever before.

24/7 access to expedited direct admissions
When you call the direct admit line, we:
  • Connect you with one of the Medical Hospitalists, Surgical Hospitalists or Intensivists on duty
  • Reserve a bed for your patient
  • Transition your patient's care

The Direct Admit Line is answered 24/7 and Registered Nurses are available to assist in coordinating your patient's care. To admit a patient or learn more about streamlining your admissions to Providence Regional, call 425-261-4000. Please give your patient our Direct Admit Patient Form.

Inter-facility transfers

For Inter-facility transfers, please complete the Transfer-in Summary Report Form.