Medical Staff Meetings

Mark your calendar to attend the next PRMCE general medical staff meeting

2021 Meeting Date to be determined.

New practitioner orientation

New Practitioner Orientation is encouraged prior to beginning practice at Providence, but is required within the first 3 months of your credentialing.

Each session gives providers the opportunity to become familiar with the Providence culture and practices, including the chance to actively participate in training to facilitate a baseline level of education for all practitioners as we evolve into a High Reliability Organization.

Due to COVID-19 and social distancing guidelines, orientation is now being held as a virtual meeting. Orientation is scheduled the 1st Thursday of every month from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

High Reliability Toolbox for Everyone online training modules and class will be assigned after attending orientation.

Epic training is a separate requirement from New Provider Orientation. Epic proficiency must be demonstrated prior to having access to Epic.

Contact your Medical Staff Division Coordinator for more information.

Medical Staff Contacts

Medical Staff President

Brandon Liu, MD

Direct Admit Line


Medical Staff Services

Phone: 425-261-3090
Fax: 425-261-3095
Email Medical Staff Services


Phone: 509-474-3095
Fax: 509-474-4475
Email library staff

Medical Staff Education

Phone: 425-261-3690
Fax: 425-261-3695

Credentialing & Privileging

Phone: 425-261-3090
Fax: 425-261-3095

Paula Wood, Manager
Phone: 425-261-3090

Glenn Budlow, Women & Children's Division
Phone: 425-261-3084

Lauri Burke, Medicine Division
Phone: 425-261-3092

Paula Wood, Surgical Division
Phone: 425-261-3086

Carol Rochon, Outpatient & Community Medicine Division
Phone: 425-261-3096

Dir. Medical Staff Services

Lisa George
Phone: 425-261-3929

Physician Outreach and Practice Development

Carol Foss, RN
Phone: 425-261-3833
Fax: 425-261-3901