Clinical Rotations

Education pathways process

Please follow the steps below to determine which pathway is most appropriate for your educational needs. 

Step 1. Identify which pathway below is specific to your educational needs. 

For clinical experiences related to an accredited program of study in which you are already enrolled, please contact the appropriate person below. Please click the name next to the desired program grouping to send an email to identify opportunities within your desired area. 

Note: All institutions must have a contract with Providence prior to your acceptance.

Hospital Credentialed Programs

Glenn Budlow

  • Physicians (MD/DO)
  • Physician Fellows
  • Physician Residents
  • PA Students
  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA) Students
  • ARNP Students
  • Midwifery Students

Student Group 1

Will Parrish

  • RN Undergraduate Students
  • RN Fellows
  • RN Residents
  • RN Refresher Students
  • CNS Students
  • MSN-Education Students
  • MSN- Leadership Students

Student Group 2

Cambree McCoy

  • Medical Students
  • RN Graduate Students
  • MPH Students
  • MSW Students
  • Anesthesia Technologist Students
  • Surgical Technologist Students
  • Medical Observerships
  • All remaining allied health learning experiences

Ambulatory Programs

Providence Medical Group

  • Non-hospital credentialed rotations
    • PA Students
    • ARNP Students
    • Midwifery Students
  • Medical students (only rotating in the ambulatory setting)
  • MSW Students
  • Behavior Health Therapist Students
  • MSN Leadership Students
  • RN Graduate Students
  • RN Undergraduate Students
  • RN Refresher Students
  • RN Refresher Students

For shadowing experiences related to career exploration that is not tied to a program of study (i.e., volunteer opportunities), please contact Providence Volunteer Services.

Volunteer and shadow opportunities

Wendy Turner

  • Camp Providence
  • High School Summer Program
  • Adult Volunteer Opportunities
  • Job Shadows
  • TANF Program

For more information about Volunteer and Shadow Programs, see our Volunteer section.

Step 2: Once the contact person has reviewed your request and evaluated placement options, you will receive a notice of decision.

Step 3: If the contact person determines a placement opportunity is available, you will receive an email outlining next steps.

Note: If you are a current Providence employee, the process above must still be followed.

For more information

To access the required documents and forms for hospital clearance, please visit the Providence Prep Portal

Call the Medical Staff Office at 425-261-3090, or fax 425-261-3095.