Sister Peter Claver Humanitarian Award

Sister Peter Claver in Black and WhiteSister Peter Claver was a pioneering member of the Sisters of Providence. She was a leader, a mentor, and an inspiration to many, both at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and in the larger community. She retired from Sacred Heart in 1989 after 25 years of service and leadership. She had business savvy, construction expertise, and a heart for people. Wherever she went, she left comfort and inspiration. In addition to education and medical research, Sister Peter Claver was most passionate about her faith and her care for the poor, disadvantaged and elderly.

For 33 years, Sister Peter Claver was a leader, mentor, inspiration, and counsel to many people in our community. Her presence continues today through the lives of those inspired by her faith, her work and her commitment to serve others.

We remember Sister Peter Claver and honor an individual whose life work serves as an example of her humanitarian legacy and reflects her spirit, mission and personal qualities which include:

  • Dedication to the service of humanity, including the poor
  • Respect for all people
  • A reliance on God
  • Humility and integrity
  • A sense of humor
Sister Peter Claver

The award nominee:

  • Must be an individual who serves or has served in a healthcare, non-profit, humanitarian, professional, religious, social service, community volunteer role in the Inland Northwest
  • Does not need to be directly associated with Sacred Heart Medical Center or any specific Providence-affiliated ministry
  • May not currently serve in an executive role within Providence
  • May not be a Sister of Providence
Past award recipients

Sister Peter Claver1993 - Carl Schlicke, MD (deceased)
1994 - Betty Harrington (deceased)
1995 - Mary Higgins
1996 - Samuel Shikany, MD (deceased)
1997 - Sue Hille
1998 - Fr. Stan Malnar, MD
1999 - Frank Bouten
2000 - Denny Murphy (deceased)
2001 - James Sledge, DDS
2002 - Juanita Tombari (deceased)
2003 - Arch Logan, MD (deceased)
2004 - Donna Hanson (deceased)
2005 - Mary Butler
2006 - John Condon, DDC (deceased)
2007 - Samuel Selinger, MD
2008 - Hrair Garabedian, MD
2009 - Joyce Jones
2010 - Jan Martinez
2011 - Chris Peterson, CRNA
2012 - Ed McCarron
2013 - Edmund Gray, MD (deceased)
2014 - Bill Bialkowsky
2015 - Joan Craig, MD
2016 - Curt Shoemaker
2017 - Rob McCann
2018 - Dennis McGaughy
2019 - Dick Boysen
2020 - Dr. Bob Lutz & Spokane County Health Department staff