Our Nursing Awards

The Spirit of Mother Joseph Award - SWSA

~ Mother Joseph was a remarkable woman. She was both visionary and pragmatic – one who carried the needs of the poor and the vulnerable and sought to bring relief to the suffering. The “spirit” of Mother Joseph permeates our culture and our way of being in many ways. The “spirit” of Mother Joseph comes to life through your hearts and hands every day. This annual award is the highest honor we can bestow upon our nursing colleagues.

Awarded To:

2015: Heather McLeod, Sexual Assault Clinic
2016: Dendra Pitman, PSPH Emergency Center
2017: Mary Anne Stoffer, PCH Progressive Care
2018: Deidre Dillon, PMG Providence Regional Cancer Center
2019: Shayley Morris, BSN, RN

The Leonardson Family Endowment for Nursing Excellence

~ to honor nurses at Providence St. Peter Hospital (PSPH) who continue to excel in their profession through national certification.

Siblings Linnea Bremner, Laurel Seaman, and Larry Leonardson established the Leonardson Family Endowment for Nursing Excellence through the Providence Southwest Washington Foundation. The endowment is named in honor of their parents, Helenmarie and C.S. “Sig” Leonardson. Helenmarie was a volunteer at Providence St. Peter Hospital for over forty years, and Sig served on the hospital’s Community Board. The Leonardson Family Endowment for Nursing Excellence announced their first awardees in 2014.

Awarded To:

2014: Galina Gorelova, RN, CMSRN ~ Andrea Jensen, RN, CRN

2015: Stefanie Gutierrez, RN, CEN ~ Mi Ae Johnson, RN, CORN

2016: Marianne Cayanan, RN, OCN ~ Samantha Campbell, RN, CMSRN ~ Brigitte Roth, RN, CMSRN ~ Elizabeth Hughes, RN, CEPN

2017: Scott Severson, RN, CNRN ~ Ivy Kim-Augilar, RN, CCRN ~ Deborah Sober, RN, ION ~ Kyle Rolfe, RN, CCN ~ Cinnamon Black, RN, ION ~ Andrew Worley, RN, CEN ~ Amy Porter, RN, LRN

2018: Jennifer Blunt, RN, CNRN ~ Justine Mathis, RN, CMSRN ~ Cheryl Stottlemeyer, RN, WON ~ Sarah Wade, RN, CPAN ~ Mandy Corriea, RN, CPAN ~ Angela Donovan, RN, CMSRN ~ Sunita Cheteri, RN, CNRN ~ Kristi Certain, RN, CMSRN ~ Ashley Hughes, RN, EFM

2019: Ashley Tran, RN, CMSRN ~ Kelsey Williams, BSN, RN, CMSRN ~ Neilia Kinney, RN, CEN, PEN ~ Karen Bryan-Nielson, BSN, RN, CAPA ~ Lindsay Marr, BSN, RN

The Patricia M. Hallett Cancer Endowment

~ to encourage a culture of continuous learning and to celebrate those who are committed to cancer care, treatment and recovery.

The endowment is named in honor of Patricia M. Hallett, who fought a courageous and determined battle against lung and breast cancers. Originally from England, Patricia is remembered as a remarkable woman during her 77 years, and was a wife, mother, grandmother and civil servant. She always had a positive outlook and helped everyone around her see the joy and pleasure in the simple things in life. The family established this endowment to honor Patricia’s remarkable spirit, and to show the family’s strong conviction to help individuals diagnosed with cancer to deal with their situation and live a meaningful life.

2016: Tony Crisp, RN
2017: Noel Neimi, RN ~ Meley Pine, RN
2018: Susan Dudley, RN ~ Kamen Lindgren, RN
2019: Alice Torres, BSN, RN ~ Angela Thibodeaux, RN

The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurse

~ to recognize the super-human work nurses do every day all over the country. The Providence St. Peter Hospital (PSPH) DAISY award is given quarterly to nominated nursing staff who meet DAISY award criteria.

2015: Eric Guyor, RN ~ Aloni Le, RN ~ Thuy Trang Hang, RN ~ Kendra Steadman, RN
Mallory Mumma, RN ~ Terry Borne, RN ~ Pauline Knodler, RN ~ Jane Jenks, RN
Brenda Keen, RN ~ Nancy Kohl, RN ~ Justus Green, RN ~ Kelsey Williams, RN

2016: Janice White, RN ~ Amanda Harvel, RN ~ Danelle Harris, RN ~ Megan Freimund, RN
Shelly Todd, RN ~ Emily King, RN ~ Meredith Koontz, RN ~ Brenda Wilhite, RN
Evette Wilson, RN ~ Shannon Curtis, RN ~ Dan Pettersen, RN ~ Karin Kloppel, RN

2017: Natasha Barrow, RN ~ Ying Liao, RN ~ Andrew Reinertsen, RN ~ Jeanie Earls, RN
Malissa Johnsen, RN ~ Renee Schweiger, RN ~ Emerson Constantino, RN ~ Soki Lewis, RN
Pat Zorn, RN ~ Raquel Robayo-Krause, RN ~ Pat Walsh-Himlie, RN ~ Cara Lillybridge, RN

2018: Rachel Williams, RN ~ Emma Rose, RN ~ Renee Claybon, RN ~ Morgan Bigalk, RN
Teresa Velasco, RN ~ Hannah Power, RN ~ Marie Richards, RN ~ Alisa Shamek, RN, Catherine Russell, RN

2019: Donnette Lagambina, BSN, RN, CMSRN ~ Mariah Chappell, BSN, RN ~ Jim Kershaw, RN ~ Mark Brooks, BSN, RN ~ Andrea Contris, RN ~ Delaena Andersen, RN, CCRN ~ Eric Chavez, RN ~ Shyreen Worley, BSN, RN ~ John Cayanan, BSN, RN