Our Nursing Stories

From an RN in the Administrative Supervisor Office

Sandra Parker, BSN, RN, Administrative Supervisor, and Violet Hunt, BSN, RN, CEN, MS, MBA, Director of Staffing and Administrative services, recognized a need to improve process performance for organ and tissue donation. Parker, in collaboration with LifeNet Health/SightLife, recognized that over 85% of Washington residents have identified that they wish to be organ and tissue donors. Parker identified that in order to honor the wishes of our community, we have opportunity to improve our reporting processes.

Parker facilitated improved quality of our organ/tissue donation process in alignment with the PSPH strategic plan. Her phenomenal work was recognized by the organization through the InsideProv newsletter that is electronically sent to all PSPH employees, as well as during an in-person awards ceremony during the July 2018 leadership meeting. But more importantly, her work has allowed us to honor the wishes of donors and support meaningful contributions to the health of our communities.

From an RN on the Neurological Unit

Jennifer Blunt, BSN, RN, CNRN, a nurse on the Neurological Unit, wanted to support her nursing colleagues, to improve their comfort with neurological assessment and rapid stroke identification. Blunt participated in the November 2015 Evidence-Based Boot Camp and developed an evidence-based project. Through her journey, Blunt identified the BEFAST Stroke Assessment tool, a step-by-step nursing guide for rapid stroke assessment.

The BEFAST assessment tool was implemented across all nursing units at St. Peter Hospital. It has allowed our inpatient nursing staff to improved care delivery to patients, and as a result, we have demonstrated improved patient outcomes related to early intervention for our patients experiencing acute stroke symptoms.

From RNs on the Family Birth and Special Care Nursery Units

Deb Spencer, RN, Jennifer Gollihugh, RN, and Tammy Antill, RN, collaborated with their manager, Kim Duncan-Kupiec, MSN, RN, to bring the American Academy of Pediatric’s Safe Sleep protocol, to St. Peter Hospital. Safe Sleep is an evidence-based protocol proven to decrease risk for SIDS and other sleep-related issues in the newborn. Wearable sleepers are an essential part of this program, and the nurse champions, Spencer, Gollihugh and Antill, developed the process and provided education to ensure that wearable sleepers were available to all our newborns.

The adoption of the AAP Safe Sleep protocol ensures safety for our vulnerable newborns and supports healthy beginnings for the infant and their parents.

The nurses of Family Birth Center and Special Care Nursery are dedicated to keeping your infant safe and healthy.