Community Partnerships - Alaska

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To all in our community interested in a job shadow/observation within Providence Alaska

We have re-opened job shadows/observations on a limited basis, while continuing with our commitment to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. Specifically, we are considering requests from students who are currently enrolled in a college/university and are required to observe as part of a program. Please contact the Community Partnerships Coordinator with requests and information on whether you can be accommodated.

Please note, in addition to the documents listed on this page, we will also require students to complete a COVID-19 Attestation form and to agree to being screened for COVID-19 symptoms before beginning each day of observation. Students will be required to follow all Providence protocols for masking, distancing, and hygiene.

Thank you for your understanding.

Working in partnership with Alaska school districts, colleges, universities and agencies, Providence has created exploration opportunities in nursing; medicine; radiology; pathology; physical, occupational and speech therapy; respiratory therapy; dietetics; pharmacy; health information services; genetic counseling; and social work. The Community Partnerships Program serves a diverse population of individuals, from K-12 to post-secondary students, as well as adult learners looking for a career change. Individuals who participate in this program oftentimes go on to pursue careers in health care.

Providence professionals encouraged to become involved

Providence health care professionals who may be interested in sharing your talents and gifts as a mentor (1-60-hour job shadow experiences) or as a presenter are also encouraged to contact the Community Partnerships Coordinator for information on ways to become involved.

Educators, career counselors and students may contact the Community Partnerships Coordinator for more specific information on available observation and career presentation opportunities and student requirements for observations/job shadows.

The following forms need to be reviewed and completed by each job shadow participant prior to observing and may be returned to the Coordinator via e-mail (if documents are scanned), via fax at 907-212-4962, or in person to the community services office at Providence Alaska Medical Center:

For requests for observations with medical providers (e.g., physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners), please contact the Medical Staff Services Office at 907-212-3185 to coordinate your request.