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Psychiatric Emergency Department

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907-212-2800 (Unit Number)
907-212-2800 (Unit Number)

People who are having a psychiatric or substance abuse crisis need help right away. The Psychiatric Emergency Department at Providence Alaska Medical Center provides expert care when you need it. Our experienced psychiatric team understands how critical it can be to get help in times of crisis, and we’re here for our patients, 24 hours a day.

To learn more about Providence Behavioral Health Services, please call 907-563-2211.

Our Psychiatric Emergency Department is located within the main Emergency Department at Providence Alaska Medical Center. All patients are seen first by an Emergency Department physician, and those who need psychiatric care will then see our psychiatric specialty team.

The psychiatric team includes psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, licensed assessment specialists, registered nurses and psychiatric care technicians. They combine their skills to help our patients get through their mental health crisis.

Treatment starts with a comprehensive risk assessment by a licensed mental health professional and includes brief therapeutic interventions. These interventions are designed to help people understand their risks and change their behaviors. The course of treatment for each patient is then individualized, with the aim of helping them get past their immediate crisis and accept further therapy, if necessary.

Most patients are discharged to their homes, though in some cases, referrals can be made for higher levels of care.

If you’re having thoughts of suicide, call 988.

Often, when people have suicidal thoughts, their goal is more to find relief from an overwhelming situation than to end their life. When we feel trapped and are under pressure, our decision making is impacted. We often don’t see viable options. It’s helpful to talk with someone. It’s likely that your situation is complicated. That is why it’s important to talk with somebody who can address the intricacies of your situation opposed to looking at general information on the internet.

It takes a step of faith to talk to someone, but it does work. People can put suicidal thoughts behind them and regain the hope that life can be good again.

Suicide prevention works. People can and do put suicidal thoughts behind them.

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