Construction and Parking

For 146 years, Providence Montana has established itself as a leader in health care, providing comprehensive services throughout Western Montana. However, as we look toward the future and forecast our needs based on the transformations happening around us, we know that health care is evolving. For this reason, the Montana Service Area has developed a 10-year Campus Master Plan that will position our ministries to be competitive in a changing health care landscape.

This investment will allow us to continue to be the regional inpatient referral center well into the future for the 600,000 residents of Western Montana, while also providing ambulatory facilities that will position us to compete in the Health 2.0 World.

The Campus Master Plan includes the following projects that will have a visible impact on our campus as well as other construction projects that will be taking place within the walls of our existing buildings and will be less visible, albeit also impactful to our patients and caregivers.

Our current projects

Currently on hold

With a vision toward our Health 2.0 transformation, the Campus Master Plan includes construction of a new building that will house:

The building will also provide Lab Blood Draw services, generous parking, and a bridge to the hospital. It is estimated to be 120,000 square feet in size and will be built to the west of the current 500 W. Broadway Building on the 600 Block of W. Broadway where the former "Safeway" building used to sit.

Clinical Decision Unit completed October, 2020; 3T MRI live November, 2020

In addition to the 600 Broadway Building project on the west side of our campus, you will also see evidence of construction on the northeast corner of our main campus at the corner of Spruce and Owen streets. This project encompasses the building of a new 10-bed Clinical Decision Unit (CDU) to house observation patients that are currently being housed on the inpatient unit. This unit will free up these inpatient beds so that they can be used for other inpatients, helping to reduce diversion and addressing the capacity constraints that the hospital has faced over the last several years. We will build this new CDU near to our current Emergency Department (ED) so that ED patients can be efficiently transferred to this unit while awaiting further testing, diagnosis or observation.

The Campus Master Plan Steering Committee has also approved the addition of the CDU project: a 3T MRI and related Radiology reading rooms and offices. We will build this new MRI near our current MRI so that MRI patients can be efficiently scanned with a minimal staff increase, decreasing time for next available appointments.

Completed August, 2020

As part of the Campus Master Plan, Providence St. Patrick Hospital will remodel the 4th floor of the Providence Center to accommodate inpatient psychiatric services. This project will include design and construction of the new space, hiring and onboarding of additional caregivers, any associated systems implementations (e.g., Epic, nurse call, new security system, etc.) and the opening of the new inpatient mental health unit. The unit will allow us to create an entire floor that will be dedicated to adolescent psych patients.