Spiritual Care

The healing process encompasses more than physical health. Spiritual care responds to emotional and spiritual needs to enhance healing. Hospitalization can induce a mixture of joy and pain, with feelings of anxiety and helplessness. It is not unusual to question every part of life—including faith. Chaplains and Music-Thanatologists are specially trained to serve as companions and advocates who are by your side as you and your family face this time of uncertainty. 

Prayer, a chaplain visit or harp music may be requested any time by requesting a consult from your nurse or contacting the Spiritual Care Office at 406-329-5789


Chaplains at Providence St. Patrick Hospital have typically received a master’s degree in theological study, completed a year of clinical pastoral education and maintain national board certification. They serve as members of the health care team, complementing the healing work of physicians, nurses, therapists and other health care professionals. 

Chaplains believe that every human life is sacred and that every person’s story is a privilege and honor to hear. They provide nonjudgmental, confidential support for patients and their families—regardless of spirituality or faith tradition. Spiritual exploration can offer wholeness and peace. Chaplains also contact a minister, priest, rabbi or other spiritual leader when requested. 


Live harp music is available to all patients and their families while at Providence St. Patrick Hospital. This experience is typically described as soothing for those experiencing physical or emotional pain, restlessness or anxiety. It may also benefit those in need of companionship, distraction, listening, celebration, inspiration and support. 

Our harpist is professionally trained and certified in music-thanatology, which is the study of harp and voice to serve the physical and spiritual needs of the dying. For many patients and their families, this expression of beauty, reverence and intimacy offers great comfort. 

Additional Spiritual Care Services

  • Chapel: Located on the main floor, just inside the front entrance; available 24 hours a day for prayer and reflection 
  • Weekly Catholic Mass: Sundays at noon in the Chapel; televised on Hospital Channel 2 
  • Relaxation Channel: Hospital Channel 0 
  • Sacramental Ministry: Communion, Anointing of the Sick, Reconciliation and Baptism