Welcome to Nursing at St. Patrick Hospital

Carol Bensen, Chief Nursing OfficerNurses at St. Patrick Hospital strive to maintain and improve upon our culture of excellence and living our Mission. The nurses are engaged in shared governance in order to continue to review and apply the evidence to improve our processes and patient outcomes.

The success of this collaboration is demonstrated in our clinical quality nurse sensitive quality outcome measures. Our patient satisfaction scores and notes from our patients and families demonstrate this to us. This is also demonstrated in our Magnet designation, obtained in 2013.

Each day as I walk the halls of the hospital, I see the dedication and compassion provided by our nurses. I hear the stories from the nurses about the rewarding care they deliver and the professional commitment they display. When I am out in our community, I am frequently approached by people who have received care or a family member has and they remind me of their trust in our nurses and they care they delivered.

I am very proud of our nursing community and am humbled to have the opportunity to lead this amazing group of nursing professionals. Please join us by looking through these pages about nursing at St. Patrick Hospital.

Carol Bensen, MSN, RN, CENP
Chief Nursing Officer
Providence St. Patrick Hospital

Our Nursing Stories - Living Our Core Values

"Dean was so kind, informative, attentive, friendly and just simply one of the best nurses we have ever encountered. Our son, as the patient, raved about what an excellent nurse Dean was and this was even when he was super sick. As a mom of a super sick 27 y.o., young, normally very healthy young man, I can honestly say that Dean was the only person that eased some extreme fears with an unknown condition. Our son started off with what we thought was a routine cold and within three weeks he had several ER visits, lost 15 pounds, started with scary neurological symptoms and ended up in the hospital for a week. Dean took such good care of him and kept us informed the whole time. He was very knowledgeable, and even researched the different conditions giving us very good information but always deferring to the doctors as appropriate. He had some of the different doctors call me when I could not be able to be at the hospital. I have been in healthcare a very long time. I have worked with many nurses in my career and in personal experiences and I honestly haven't encountered a better nurse than Dean. He is an extraordinary nurse and very deserving of this award."

"My son has a stroke and Katie was so thorough and caring and took time to talk and visit with him while she worked. When she was in his room there was laughter. I highly recommend her as an individual with exceptional character and a positive attitude. She was attentive and I felt she truly cared. This kind of trait is actually quite rare and I value it highly. Going through such a scary situation as a stroke at age 28 is a lot for my son to process and having someone who is positive and uplifting is invaluable at this time. I can only do/say so much. It is of great help to have people who are surrounding him reinforce the positivity to help with a better mental and physical outcome. Some people naturally have it and others don't. They may try and pretend/fake it but you can tell. She is a natural!"

"We were with Richard in the pre-op area as they prepared him for radical neck and tongue surgery for throat cancer. The surgery was delayed three hours. The wait would have been very tense & scary if not for Gina. Gina was everything we needed, especially Richard. She was personal and attentive and efficient. But she was light-hearted, funny and delightful in every way which was perfectly what we needed during that time. She made three hours seem like one.

P.S. My husband who is a fly fisherman said to write that even though she isn't a good fisher-woman she is a great nurse!"

Our Nursing Philosophy

To our patients

We promise to know you, hear you, engage you in your care, keep you informed, find time for you, learn from you, teach you and heal you.

To our staff

We promise to know you, hear you, engage you in patient care, keep you informed, find time for you, learn from you, teach you, support and empower you in your career.