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Bariatric Services

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Bariatric Services

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More energy. Better health. Greater well-being.

There’s so much to gain from losing weight. More energy. Better health. Greater well-being. We can help you achieve it. Providence St. Patrick Hospital offers comprehensive surgical and non-surgical weight loss programs that are tailored to your personal health goals and preferences.

Considering weight loss surgery?

Register for our free on-demand video series.

Take the first step in evaluating whether weight loss surgery is right for you. You’ll learn the basics of weight loss surgery and what surgical options are available.

Register for our on-demand video series

When it comes to weight loss surgery, you have choices. Register for our on-demand video series to learn more about your options. Once you’ve watched the videos, our staff will work with you to evaluate whether surgery is right for you.

Register for the on-demand videos

Maintaining a healthy weight has many benefits for your overall health, but sometimes it isn’t that easy. Obesity is a medical condition that’s different from being overweight. It means that your total weight — from muscles, bones, fat and fluids — falls outside healthy ranges for your height. If diet and exercise alone haven’t worked, or you have certain obesity-related conditions, your doctor may recommend bariatric (weight loss) surgery.

Our bariatric doctors understand the complex genetic, biologic, environmental, social and behavioral factors that contribute to obesity. We know how discouraging it can be when you’ve given it your all but still can’t lose weight and keep it off.

At Providence, our team can help you achieve lasting weight loss through a holistic approach that’s more than just surgery. From early evaluation through post-surgical care, we’ll help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively. You’ll have nonstop support, including a clinically proven diet and lifestyle program.

We offer surgical and non-surgical weight loss options, and our team partners with each patient to create an individualized treatment plan. 

Surgical options

We use minimally invasive techniques when possible. They involve very few — and very small — incisions so you heal as quickly as possible.
Our surgical weight loss procedures include:

  • Gastric bypass surgery - The Roux en Y Gastric Bypass is the gold standard and most common weight loss surgery. It promotes weight loss by restricting food intake and causing a minimal amount of malabsorption (disruption in the body’s ability to absorb fat and other food elements).
  • Gastric sleeve surgery - During gastric sleeve surgery, the surgeon removes about 85 percent of the stomach so it takes the shape of a tube or sleeve. The new, tube-shaped stomach is closed with staples.
Non-surgical options

To learn more about our non-surgical weight loss options, visit our weight management page.

Weight loss surgery isn’t for everyone. Doctors take a number of factors into account to determine if you’re a good candidate for a bariatric procedure. These include, but are not limited to: 

  • Age 18-64
  • Females with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 35 or greater, with a weight-related health condition (or) with a BMI of 40-60
  • Males with a BMI of 35 or greater, with a weight-related health condition (or) with a BMI of 40-55

If you exceed the maximum BMI requirement, we have options to help you achieve a healthier weight for surgery in the future.

Choosing to have weight loss surgery is an important and very personal decision. At Providence, our goal is to provide knowledge and support as you consider your options. Our providers will guide you through the process and be by your side at every step. In fact, you’re already working on the first step – becoming informed.

Here’s how the rest of the process works:

  • Watch our on-demand videos. You’ll learn the basics of weight loss surgery and what options are available to you. Access the on-demand videos today.
  • Verify insurance eligibility. While many insurance plans cover weight loss surgery, it’s important to understand your benefits – and how to receive them. Our staff can work with you to evaluate your insurance coverage after you have watched our video series. Once you have completed the series, you can submit the weight loss surgery application form to see what your insurance will cover.
Moving forward with surgery

If you decide weight loss surgery is the right option for you, and you meet our clinical criteria for surgery, your surgeon will schedule a series of pre-operative appointments. The first step is a thorough review of your health and medical history. Following that, your surgeon may require blood work and clinical testing (EKG, ECG, sleep study, etc.) or non-surgical weight loss to reduce the risk of complications after surgery.

Know Your BMI

This tool is for adults and is not intended to replace evaluation by a healthcare professional.

Watching our on-demand videos is the first step in evaluating whether weight loss surgery is right for you. The next step is completing the weight loss surgery application form.

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Once our team receives your application form, we will work with you to verify insurance coverage and create a personalized treatment plan.

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