Annette: Lighter, Fitter and Enjoying Life


Annette’s struggle with weight started when she became a mother. She had three babies and the weight just wouldn’t stay off. People told her she carried the weight well, but she was embarrassed to leave home. Her size drained her physical and emotional energy.

Getting Fit for New Grandchild

As Annette’s children grew, so did she. With her first grandchild on the way, Annette tipped the scales at 264 pounds. It was time to make a life-altering change. She turned to Providence for help.

“My kids were raised, and I wanted to do something for me,” Annette said. “I’m a fun person and this was affecting my whole life.”

With the advice of Providence bariatric specialists, Annette chose gastric bypass surgery. Between surgery and new healthy living skills, Annette lost more than 100 pounds. She fits into the clothes she loves to wear and is more active than she’d been in years – using the elliptical trainer, practicing yoga and hula-hooping in her living room.

Keeping Up with the Little Ones

The lighter and healthier Annette is delightfully surprised to find she can keep up with the little ones in her life – her 1-year-old granddaughter and her boyfriend’s 3-year-old son. They keep her laughing, running and enjoying family as she always wanted to.

“I remember not being able to do this,” Annette said. “And then I realized: I can run!”

Worth the Work

Weight loss is difficult. But, for Annette, the work was worth it. All of her research, food education and exercise paid off when she returned to the vibrant life she used to live.

Looking back at her weight loss journey, Annette said, “It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.”

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