Heart Surgery

At Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital we bring a multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of heart disease and heart failure utilizing leading edge technology combined with research and comprehensive, compassionate patient care. Our team of highly trained experts is committed to providing excellent care.

Surgical options for treating heart disease include:
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
    This surgical procedure is used to re-route the flow of blood around a blocked artery. The surgeon takes a healthy blood vessel from another part of the body and attaches one end above the blockage and the other below.
  • Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft
    Off pump, or beating heart surgery, is suitable for most patients. It provides the full surgical benefit of coronary artery bypass surgery with avoidance of exposure to the heart–lung machine. Off pump surgery can reduce the risk of complications such as stroke, and reduces the risk of exposure to transfusion. Patients feel better sooner and recover faster after OPCAB.
  • Valve Repair and Replacement
    This open-heart surgical procedure is performed when natural heart valves fail to function properly, whether due to disease or advanced age. Whenever possible, the surgeon tries to repair the malfunctioning valve. If that is not possible, it is replaced with a mechanical valve.
  • Combination Bypass and Valve Surgery
    This complex open-heart procedure is used in patients who require a combined bypass and valve surgery to repair a faulty valve and bypass blocked arteries at the same time.