Patient: Trish Collins, Hip Replacement Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Geoffrey Tompkins

Trisha Collins

"Dr. Geoff Tompkins really went out of his way for me, and I was so impressed," says patient Trish Collins. "Before my hip replacement surgery, I was in so much pain. I could barely drag myself around the house and had to be dependent on others for pretty much everything." Trish had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, a painful condition that affects the joints. Before surgery, she'd tried everything to ease her discomfort: dietary changes, various medications, cortisone shots—but nothing worked. "Dr. Tompkins immediately saw how much I was struggling and scheduled me for surgery. After the procedure, I felt so good that I was able to leave rehab after only three days. I've had a lot of surgeries, and the continuity of care at Santa Rosa Memorial was really great. Even though I was using a walker, the pain was gone. The other day, I did a hike with my dog on uneven terrain. Now I can honestly say that I have my life back."

Patient: Noreen Carvolth, Dual Knee Replacement

Surgeon: Dr. Steven Smith

Noreen Corvalth 

"Dr. Steven Smith was very thorough in trying to determine what was causing my knee pain," says Noreen Carvolth, who underwent dual knee replacement surgery in 2014. "I really appreciated his concerted effort when both of my knees went down the drain." Noreen had been suffering from arthritis caused by exercise and a bad fall. "Fortunately, I had the best surgeon," she says. "Dr. Smith just alluded confidence. Not only is he technically skilled, but he provided me with excellent pain management. The orthopedic team had me walking the same day as my surgery and climbing stairs the day after that. I truly had the best experience."

Patient: Tish Levee, Knee Replacement Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Kevin Howe

"As far as I'm concerned, there is no other choice than Dr. Kevin Howe," says Tish Levee, a highly active outdoor enthusiast. "Before my surgery, I was in so much pain. I could hardly walk for five minutes without feeling discomfort. Dr. Howe cut right to the chase about what was needed to fix the situation." After undergoing knee-replacement surgery in January 2015, Trish was back on her feet in no time. "I regained function almost immediately and was going up and down stairs before I even went home. Dr. Howe encouraged me to hike and get my life back. I really appreciate that."

Patient: Tim Neil, Hip Replacement Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Gary Stein

Tim Neil 

"I really appreciate the fact that Dr. Stein is very up front," says Tim Neil, an avid cyclist who rides his bicycle 50-60 miles every weekend. "He tells it like it is and that's very valuable to me." Tim isn't exactly sure how he injured his hip, but he had been dealing with severe pain for over two years. "Dr. Stein had previously performed orthoscopic surgery on my knee, so I knew I could trust him," he says. After undergoing hip replacement surgery at the age of only 45, Tim was back on his bike within just three months. "I think the orthopedic program is really well laid out," he says. They have every step down to a science. From the nurses, to the doctors, to the physical therapists—they all have it down to an art. I haven't had an issue with my knee since."

Patient: Faith Ako, Knee Replacement Surgery

Surgeon: Dr. Thomas Degenhardt

Faith Ako 

"The quality of care I received at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital was amazing," says Faith Ako who underwent knee replacement surgery in 2014. An active Hawaiian singer and musician, Ako suffers from osteoarthritis, which had begun to affect her knees. "I spend a lot of time on my feet so it was important that I be able to perform without discomfort," she says. "I was really lucky to work with Dr. Degenhardt. He advised me to start swimming after my surgery, and that was excellent advice. It really helped ease my pain. I am so glad I worked with Dr. Degenhardt. He truly gave me my life back."