First Annual Turner Intergenerational Essay Awards* Winners Announced!

Thank you to all of the current and former Intergenerational Learning Center (ILC) attendees for submitting your story about the impact of your experience at The Mount. Each one was meaningful and beautiful and choosing the winners was extremely difficult. We look forward to hearing more of these stories in the future so stay tuned for information about another upcoming contest! 

Read the Winning Essays

  • 1st Place - Silas Christensen
  • 2nd Place - Kieran Lyons
  • 3rd Place - Shilo Stankee
  • 1st Place - Lilah Demsky
  • 2nd Place - Eliza DeLapp
  • 3rd Place - Leo Comazzetto
  • 1st Place - Andrew Kloeppel
  • 2nd Place - Nathan Kellison-Miller
  • 3rd Place - Atticus Hodapp
  • 1st Place - Emily Levin
  • 2nd Place - Kathleen Hooks
  • 3rd Place - Keely McCool

*This award is in honor and in memory of Dyke R. Turner, the visionary architect who was key in inspiring and then designing the program and spaces back in 1991, in collaboration with Joan Whitley, Program Director, and Charlene Boyd, Administrator.