Breastfeeding Support

A young woman breastfeeds her baby.

Sacred Heart Medical Center recognizes that breast milk is the gold standard for infant feeding. Breastfed children receive optimal nutrition for lifelong health while being nurtured in a special closeness. Our nurses are committed to support your breastfeeding needs while in the hospital. We offer breastfeeding classes to support your journey after you leave the hospital. View a full list of classes.

The Birth Place’s lactation specialists are available to help you and your baby. They are experienced registered nurses and certified lactation educators/consultants and can provide help with:

  • Comfortable positioning
  • Correct attachment
  • What is normal and what to expect
  • Common breastfeeding challenges

Learn the steps to get started breastfeeding your baby!

Our breastfeeding class will cover latching on and positioning, when to feed, how to know when your baby is getting enough, breast care, and when and where to get help.