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There’s something that sets us apart from the competition: our commitment to delivering caring and high-quality patient care while fostering a positive environment where our nurses can thrive and fulfill their passions for nursing while being inspired toward their best work.

Our commitment to the Providence Mission, patient-centered care, and shared governance attracts driven and compassionate health care professionals and sets the stage for an exceptional career.

Discover what life is like fulfilling your passion in nursing at Providence Alaska Medical Center. Providence is calling.

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Shared Governance

Providence is a strong proponent of shared leadership, nursing autonomy and participative decision-making.

Bedside nurses serve as members of our hospital-wide Shared Governance Councils, bringing knowledge to each council and taking further knowledge back to their coworkers on their units.

Various departments and units within Providence Alaska Medical Center also have their own nurse-run Shared Governance Councils. Bedside nurses work together to improve patient outcomes, caregiver satisfaction, and workflow practices that meet the needs of their units.

Professional Development and Continuing Education

We encourage our nurses to seek excellence in their career, including professional development and continuing education. We support nurses in their pursuit of advanced credentialing and additional clinical expertise by providing tuition assistance, educational resources and flexible scheduling.

We also recognize nursing achievements with compensation and other non-monetary forms of recognition. There are numerous structures in place that support lifelong learning, such as the Providence Alaska Learning Institute, which provides workshops, support groups, fellowship opportunities and more.

Healthy Practice Environment

At Providence, we’re not only committed to the well-being of our patients, but also our nurses who make it all possible. We actively practice a healthy practice environment that promotes work-life balance, encourages mutual collaboration between departments and limits our environmental impact.

Caring Reliably

Providence and its affiliates are committed to becoming a High Reliability Organization by achieving and maintaining high performance while practicing an internally-driven safety focus. Each and every caregiver is responsible for helping shape a culture of reliability that enables Providence to deliver quality patient care and safe outcomes with a high level of predictability.

Quality and Safety

At Providence Alaska Medical Center, nurses actively participate in unit-specific quality measures and quality improvement projects to maintain and improve our performance. This is done by comparing our performance in nurse-sensitive quality indicators such as clinical quality, nurse satisfaction and patient satisfaction to national benchmarks.

We drive ourselves to continuously improve by regularly evaluating our processes and structures to exceed national benchmarks in hospital quality.

Community Engagement

Providence encourages its caregivers to engage in community health initiatives by connecting them with health expos, athletic events, volunteer opportunities, conferences, educational initiatives and more.

We also host many community education programs, many of which are developed and taught by nurses.