Bring CATCH to Your School

Implementing the CATCH Program at your school is easy!  We will visit your site and help you formulate a plan for teaching the curriculum in the classroom and in PE classes, making changes to breakfast and lunch menus, and organizing family events. If you direct an after school or recreational program, she can also show you how to integrate the CATCH Kids Club activities into your program.

As part of our mission and community outreach efforts, we offer to help cover the cost of implementing the CATCH Program to schools, after-school programs, community recreation programs and other organizations who work with elementary school-aged children.

For more information, please contact Lisa Tims, CATCH Coordinator:

CATCH Health Fair

Third and fourth graders from schools around Missoula County actively participate in a fun-filled half-day of health-related educational stations at the St. Patrick Hospital Conference Center. The free CATCH Health Fair gives children a hands-on, group learning session that takes students from station to station to practice and learn about healthy lifestyles.

Nearly 600 children circulate through six fun and interactive stations to learn and practice new skills to stay healthy. "GO" is a CATCH term that means "good for your heart"— movement that makes you breathe hard, sweat and face turn red … which means you just exercised your heart. GO foods are also good for your heart.

Tackle Tobacco

  • Learn and practice the skill of saying NO! to tobacco
  • Understand how tobacco use affects the body, especially the heart and lungs

CATCH Course

  • Learn the meaning of GO Activities
  • Recognize the signs of GO Activities
  • Have fun playing a GO game outside

Taste-Test Challenge

  • Learn the meaning of GO Foods
  • Taste-test new or unusual GO Foods

Hearty Hearts

  • Learn about the body’s circulatory system and the important roles that GO Foods and GO Activities play within that system.

Buckle Your Brain

  • Understand how helmets protect the brain from injury
  • Learn when it’s a good idea to wear a helmet

Germ Hunters

  • Learn what germs are, how they spread, and how they cause disease
  • Understand the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of germs

Top 10 Reasons to Use CATCH

  1. Evidence-based and kid-tested. You know that it works!
  2. Comprehensive. With a presence in the classroom, gym, cafeteria, home, and community, CATCH covers all the bases.
  3. Consistent. Kids receive clear, coordinated messages about food and exercise no matter where they go.
  4. Technical support from local, experienced specialists.
  5. Fun!
  6. Compliments existing curricula for health, reading, writing, and math.
  7. Helps schools meet the goals of their wellness policies.
  8. Easy! The curriculum is easy to use because it was developed for teachers by teachers.
  9. Flexible! Use the framework of a well-researched and tested program, and adapt it to your site’s particular needs. There’s no one “right” way to use CATCH.
  10. Free! St. Patrick Hospital pays for the curriculum and the local, expert technical support.